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January 24, 2012
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This year I was so excited to have one of my favorite weddings published in print over in Southern Weddings Volume 4.

Brides and wedding lovers out there, I truly believe this is the best wedding magazine you can get. It’s not overtaken by ads, it is all beautiful INSPIRING content, and it’s fresh, written with words from the heart. The women that work here are outstanding. Get on over to their site and order your copy (the first versions are all amazing too)

Then there is this amazing couple, Camille and Mark. I won’t get into them much today but expect their full story and amazing photos tomorrow! But for now take a peek at this  7 page feature! 




Gina is a Minneapolis based wedding and lifestyle photographer that loves bringing the LIFE out of people & capturing that energy on camera. Contact Me

It Happens

January 20, 2012
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It usually happens about the 3rd or 4th day in. It usually hits me in the most mundane of the tasks, the routine.

Today it happened as we walked up to pick up their girls at school. It felt like home, as the two little munchkins came running over saying “hello Miss Gina” and wrapping my neck with a hug, as we hopped around in the car during errands, and while Kim and I gabbed girl talk and had a glass of wine over ridiculous belly laughs.

I truthfully feel like part of the family.

Which to me is the biggest compliment out there. My heart and soul is completely invested in each of these live-in sessions. I give a 110% of myself and while that might seem ridiculous and completely exhausting to you, but this girl walks away with her fire lit. They give me SO much. Just watching this little family interact lifts my spirit and honestly I was a lil’ blue when I started to pack my suitcase tonight.

K,M,K & Q. Thank you so much for inviting me into your home, but more importantly you invited me into the core of your family. Love you.

Gina is a Minneapolis based wedding and lifestyle photographer that loves bringing the LIFE out of people & capturing that energy on camera. Contact Me


January 19, 2012
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Nothing beats the feeling of producing an image that you KNOW is 100% an authentic representation of who that person really is.

Seriously for me, there is NOTHING better than seeing others for who they really on film. This inspires me to NO end. This image blows my mind for that very reason. Everytime I view it, I see the the beautiful, caring, detailed, loving, talented, hardworking Kim.

This image brings me right to her core. 

Gina is a Minneapolis based wedding and lifestyle photographer that loves bringing the LIFE out of people & capturing that energy on camera. Contact Me


January 17, 2012
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Today I am completely overwhelmed with joy of his goodness and grace.

Today, I feel. I laugh. I hurt. I smile. I FEEL. So many years of my life I only felt by external circumstances. Compliments, attention, entertainment, interaction with others, accomplishing work. I was numb inside. SO numb inside and truthfully wasn’t aware there was more out there. More for me. More for my heart. Today, I feel light radiating from my body.  His light. I want to continue to bring that light into all areas my life, and spread to those around me.

My heart is overflowing with tears and gratefulness to all that have held my hand through the journey to get here.  This picture below illustrates each of you…who believed in me when I couldn’t see up. Who stuck by me through the rough. Who knew my heart and my steps, even when my actions showed otherwise. You fought for me, when I wanted to give up. Who dragged me along into light and embraced me with love.

Romans 15:13 13 May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.

I am here today friends, and I can’t believe it. It’s beautiful. My hands are lifted as tears, fall down my cheeks, full of praise. So grateful. Thank you, Lord. Thank you.

Gina is a Minneapolis based wedding and lifestyle photographer that loves bringing the LIFE out of people & capturing that energy on camera. Contact Me

Butts UP

January 16, 2012
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Butt’s up to Monday.

Flip this day on its head. Decide that you are going to do this one different and embrace this day with a smile. Take all of that Monday stereotype and shove it. Set your feet and move forward. Turn up the tunes and shake your tushy. Celebrate. You have been blessed with another day to live and play. So do just that.


Don’t go through the motions or a boring routine. Push yourself. Stop waiting. Take one step towards a crazy idea. Jump a little higher. Leap a little farther.

(A first look at my Texas Live-in session this week, pssssssst….you have till Fri. to send me your You and Me story to win a free session)

Gina is a Minneapolis based wedding and lifestyle photographer that loves bringing the LIFE out of people & capturing that energy on camera. Contact Me

You & Me Giveaway

January 12, 2012
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The other night I was perusing Pinterest as I was thinking of styling a Valentine’s Day themed shoot. Nothing corny, something unique. I LOVE to style and to come up with creative concepts. Pinterest is usually a beginning place for me to just stare at a bunch of beauty and see if anything sparks. So I searched the obvious valentine, hearts and then for some reason the words You & Me came to mind. I kept thinking….

You and Me can represent so many different types of relationships. You and your husband, your child, your puppy, your best friend, etc. The real authenticity of the plain words “You and Me” really make me happy, so what if I give away a session that captures just that…your version of You and Me.

Like I have mentioned before, it is so important to me to have a connection with who I photograph, so I want to get to know what your “You and Me” is all about. Tell me your “You and Me” story. I want you to explain what you think is important about your “you and me”? What do you cherish? What is unique? What do you and your “me” do for fun?  It doesn’t have to be a novel, just tell me your story. Get creative. Have fun with it. Again, your “you and me” could be a number of things.

So what you need to enter the You and Me Giveaway (Must have all three to be a full entry):: 

1) Your “You & Me” story. Emailed to me at gina at, please title “You and Me_(put your name here)”

2) Along with a photo of your “You & Me” in the same email.

3) Share this post at least once either with your friends via Facebook (Be sure and link to Gina Zeidler so I can see your post! Like there and Comment here to let me know you’ve posted) or on Twitter (again Be sure and link to this blog post and mention @GinaZeidler) Or both if you are that awesome.

The winner will receive a Lifestyle session shot by me based on their “You and Me” story. Honestly, I would love to shoot this on Valentine’s day somehow, it’s not a must, but wouldn’t that be a fun date or gift to give someone? Anywhoo, I am pretty dang excited to receive your authentic stories and being inspired by your vision of “You and Me” Deadline is Jan 21st, 2012.  So ready set GO!

Fine Print ::

1)Contestants must live in or travel to Minneapolis/St.Paul for the photo shoot OR if out of the area/state the winner would be responsible for travel.
2)Event photography, Extended families, and large groups are excluded from this giveaway.
3)All entries must be received by January 21st, 2012 at midnight.
4)The session will be shot before May 1st, per the photographer’s schedule.
5)The prize is non-transferable and cannot be redeemed for cash.
6)This does not apply to a session that is already booked with Gina Zeidler.



Gina is a Minneapolis based wedding and lifestyle photographer that loves bringing the LIFE out of people & capturing that energy on camera. Contact Me


January 10, 2012
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When I hear the word Headshot my mind official goes to remembering my old work badge id or my drivers license.  Something very formal, serious and most of the time terrible corny.

But if we have to use it,  These are what my “headshots” look like. A lot of you being you. Laughing, smirking, and just simple stuff. We usually talk, enjoy each others company and create. Connection is HUGE for me as a photographer (and as a person), real connection. As I make time to get to know you and know what really makes your heart happy . My creativity kicks in and here my work always soars.

That is why one of my favorite times to shoot someone is at the end of our mentoring session.  It’s brilliant. We just have spent hours getting to know each other, learning from each other, and connecting. We are already comfortable and I see you in that light. Not just what cute outfit you are wearing or what props you have, I showcase where your heart is.

For example, this gorgeous girl Kristy. She and her family are doing amazing things. Their life, her images and  her words constantly inspire me.  I started jumping up and down half way through her shoot because I truly could see this beautiful woman and her personality shine. SHINE. shine right through my camera screen. If you get a moment take a peek at her journey.

I have been so utterly blessed to travel this year for “headshot” sessions New York, Washington DC, MassachusettsVegas, Florida and New York again, to and give these women images that are truly them, that grace their about pages. Yea for “non” headshots, and I might pay you in brownies or swedish fish if you come up with a better word!



Gina is a Minneapolis based wedding and lifestyle photographer that loves bringing the LIFE out of people & capturing that energy on camera. Contact Me

Little Leo

January 9, 2012
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Perfect images for a bright Monday post, another beautiful baby boy entered the M family last week. Leo is so perfect and a spitting image of his big brother Max. Such a blessing to have met both of these boys within the first days after their birth. These images just make me want to jump on my bed and play.

PS. love the yellow version of the West Elm comforter we have in gray!

Gina is a Minneapolis based wedding and lifestyle photographer that loves bringing the LIFE out of people & capturing that energy on camera. Contact Me


January 6, 2012
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In May of this year I was substituted aka. baptized. Now going backwards. I grew up in a wonderful Christian home. Went to private school till high school and attended an amazing on fire for God, Catholic church. My grandma spoke of Jesus like her dear friend and often told my sister and I to yell at the devil in the Lords name if we felt him near. I knew God. I knew who he was and what he did for me. I remember in 2nd grade I had my first communion and at that age I understood what Jesus did to wipe my heart clean and make it white as snow.

I went on my schooling years going to chapel every morning and youth group on Wednesday nights. I remember all the retreats and the worship. I love worship. Music speaks to my soul like no other medium. I remember singing in youth group and being so on fire for God especially during 9th and 10th grade. Yet, at that time it was pretty constricted to my church friends and my wednesday nights. When I was at school I had different agendas. I tried SO hard to fit in, which in reality never happened. I didn’t understand why I didn’t. Then I got to college thinking it might change now,  yet  it was still a world of trying to fit in. Parties, dancing and just the typical college experience. While there are great memories there, yet there are also lots of years of drama, hurt and mistakes searching for something to fill that void in my heart.  I guess I thought that this was next  chapter in life and God would be something I would do every once in awhile on a Sunday, for now. I would just put him on the back burner and went on accomplish “the list ” in life. Go to college, play your sport, do good in school, marry a great guy and start a job with your degree.

So, I started a job with that degree and then about 8 months after we got married I started my photography business.  Again, while I prayed to God and knew he was there. I still put him in a box to only open on Sunday-ish. Matt and I continued on our quest for a church and through a connection or two we stumbled on the church we attend now. We went on and off , and (by on and off means whenever I didn’t want to sleep in) for 2 years before we felt we needed to surround ourselves with other Christian couples and we joined a bible study there to get connected. We loved the people we met through it (still do),which sent us headed to pursuing membership.

Here is where we HAULT. In order to be a member at Bethlehem you have to be baptized. Now Matt had done this when he was 11 or so at his home church, but I had an infant baptism which didn’t qualify as I understood. At first this made me so frustrated, uncomfortable and just unsure. Also, to make matters worse you had to give your testimony publicly at your baptism. WHAT I thought? Heck, no. People are going to think I’m not good enough or that my story won’t be “right”. It made me question everything. Did I really know Jesus? Am I saved? Is he really my Lord and savior? I spent so many hours trying to put together my testimony, but it just seemed so lame to me. I didn’t have a “I was on the corner and a Jesus pamphlet hit me in the faith and I was saved” story. Mine is plain jane almost text book. Good kid, crazy college years and back on track. I felt like if I didn’t have a “good” story then maybe I wasn’t being called, I was just making it up or that maybe I had done something wrong the first time. But after a couple hard months of God working on me (even having to postpone my baptism because I didn’t feel ready) God slowly revealed that my story is just my story …….just the way he planned it. Gina Iolanda’s path. His exact path for me, not anyone else’s. and that it was OK. More than ok.

The testimony that I actually ended up sharing on video (that was played during church service) went something like this….. I did grow up in a home with all the right surroundings, the right schooling and the right path. I accepted Jesus when I was very young but it was more a head knowledge. A surface knowledge. Through the years of high school, college and beyond I lost track of Jesus. I put him behind what I believed was important. Over the past year God has been calling me to learn and understand what a heart knowledge of him looks and feels like and what it truly means. What a personal relationship with him was the only way to be truly saved. To talk to God daily and not just in passing or the same prayers, to really let Jesus at my heart. To give myself to him and live.  Give him my security, my plans, my thoughts, my troubles, my pride and my desires. Baptism was the outward symbol of what God has done for me and is always doing.  Just like when they dunk you in the water, Jesus’s death takes away my sins (under the water )and when I arise (out of the water) I am saved with him.

It wasn’t as scary as I thought. In fact it was beautifully overwhelming. I thought I would be so intimated about being in a baptismal tub (more like a decked out hot tub) in front of the busy service and how dorky I was on video. Yet once I stepped in and hit the water. IMMENSE peace filled my soul. It was like no one else was there. I got out of the tub and got wrapped with a towel, as the others were being baptized, and tears just continued to drip from my face. Happy tears, yet still the heyiwanttosingthissongsostopblubbering already tears. I was overwhelmed with deep in my soul joy.

Now honestly I thought after this day, life would become easier. Like hand me my halo and white robe, well not really but sort of. While my circumstances haven’t changed and everyday isn’t rainbows & unicorns. It is my choice to wake up (fighting my heart out) each day to lay my plans, my decisions and my every moment at his feet. Where he is waiting for me, to give me his JOY and peace. I just have to slow down and let him lead. Which is hard for this go-getter girl to do, but completely and utterly worth it.

Enough about me. I want you know that your story is your story, and if I have learned anything in 2011 is that God loves us each individually, personally. Don’t compare your walk to anyone elses. ANYONE Else. Sin is sin to God, and we all have it, since we took our first breath. It plagues us everyday whether you tell a lie or burn down someones house down or worse. Yet, he can take all of that away by being a substitute for you. His death on the cross can substitute the wrath of your sins. He will take your place, if you let him and get to know him.

John Piper put it perfectly in this sermon….

If you could sum up what you believe in or what your religion is all about  in one word that word is SUBSTITUTION. So, that is why I started this post by saying I was substituted.

Questions? or if you feel doubt about your walk? I GET YOU. I totally get you and am here for you if you want to chat. I would love to give you the real skinny, not a pretty perfect picture. Just authenticity.

Thanks for listening to this long post. And Thank Melissa O for taking these beautiful film images of this day.



Gina is a Minneapolis based wedding and lifestyle photographer that loves bringing the LIFE out of people & capturing that energy on camera. Contact Me