May 25, 2013
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Happy Weekend! Live life this weekend friends and love the ones you are with! I am still trying to gain up courage to jump in a lake. While I am doing that, I would love to announce who has won the amazing giveaways. Thank you to all that shared #gzlaunch! You are all so amazing and thank you for you sweet comments and love. You made my month!

Alright now, scroll down to see who has won!

1.The amazing Lara Casey Powersheets! —> Sara Ellis
2. A beautiful gold comb; perfect for beachy waves or a mermaid made by Carlee Sizemore —-> Janet Mcknight
3.The Power of Starting Something Stupid by Richie Norton. —> Emily Thomas
4. $100 gift card to JCrew —> Kristen Dake
5. Emily Ley’s Great Day Notes and a NEW surprise print from her shop —> Blythe Whitney
6.$50 Etsy Gift Card —> Kristyn Hall
7.$50 Amazon Gift Card —> Emily Steffen 
8 & 9. 2 $20 Starbucks Gift Cards—> Paige W. & Rachel Moger

Winners were chosen by a random number generator. Congrats to each of you that won! If you see your name here please email me your mailing address! WHOO hoo!

Gina is a Minneapolis based wedding and lifestyle photographer that loves bringing the LIFE out of people & capturing that energy on camera. Contact Me

Made for the Beach

May 23, 2013
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A piece of me believes I was made for the beach. Capturing gorgeous couples in the sun and the sand. I could do this everyday!! ALL day long. What a blessing it was to celebrate  with these two!

These two images Natalie captured and I am crazy about them.

View more of this amazing destination wedding

Gina is a Minneapolis based wedding and lifestyle photographer that loves bringing the LIFE out of people & capturing that energy on camera. Contact Me

Memorable Living

May 17, 2013
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Friends, lately my heart has been on a mission to really live. Not in a reckless way, but striving to not get stuck in the cycle of just living on the surface. (Inspiration due to the current mix of books that I am reading and re-reading right now) Life is full of never ending duties, chores and things that need to get done. It always will be. Yet, I don’t want that to be the crux of our lives. The everyday is beautiful, but they everyday can be more than you ever have dreamed of if you decide to live it memorably.


Matt and I are busy beings. We have work, school, coaching, bible studies and more. When it comes to “our” time typically we are so tired all we want to do is watch TV and relax. Relaxing at home isn’t a bad thing, we really enjoy it some days, but also it can become numbing. Sometimes we even find ourselves on our phones watching a show or getting other things done in separate rooms. I don’t want this for us. I want to live memorably. Those are the things you REALLY remember. The things you tell stories about around the campfire.


Donald Miller writes “We have to force ourselves to create these scenes. We have to get up off the couch and turn the television off, we have to blow up the inner tubes and head to the river…”


This is why I Matt and I have founds Lara’s Power Sheets so effective. They are tools to help us live memorably. Filling out the weekend tending lists (btw tending lists are what my dear friend created to tend to REAL rest on the weekends instead of just spending more time in front of a screen) are sometimes hard for us because we have forgotten the simplicity having fun, when our weeks are full of get-it-done or hurry-hurry. But sure enough we come up with some creative and goofy ideas and then we try them. Last month we got up to watch the sunrise, we took a walk around the lake, and we even flew a kite!!


I want to live memorable scenes. I want to have stories to tell grandchildren about how goofy their grandpa and grandma were before they had their parent. Life is busy, we will inevitably get caught up in the rat race from time to time. Yet, lets try to fight it and plan some good ole’ fashioned fun.


What can you do this weekend to live a memorable moment?


First, I encourage you to take a social media free weekend. Delete the apps of your phone till Monday. (PS that is the only way I can do it) Second, do something simple but wacky.


Some of simple and goofy tasks that are on Matt and I’s list for May:

-Carve our initials into a tree.

-Jump in a lake. (which I might be terrified/pumped to do, posting the gif below for my own motivation #iammoreofajumpinpoolgal)

Drive through difference.


It doesn’t have to cost money. It doesn’t need to take a ton of time. Dance in the kitchen. Sing your favorite song loud in the car. Embarrass yourself a little and show up to your little ones game as their super hero.


Let’s really LIVE life friends. Create more of this.


PS. Don’t forget to enter the fun giveaways!! You have till the 23rd to enter!


Gina is a Minneapolis based wedding and lifestyle photographer that loves bringing the LIFE out of people & capturing that energy on camera. Contact Me

Keeping it Real

May 10, 2013
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Thank you all so much from the bottom of my heart for your amazing words about my new brand and website. I am overwhelmed by your goodness and sweet words. Again, Thank you.


Yet, I can’t help but be authentic and mention this. There are times in my life where I look at others websites, new brands and new announcements and feel incredibly discouraged. I feel not good enough. Not together enough. Not (fill in the blank) enough.


I don’t want ANY OF YOU to believe that lie. That perception. Especially in my case. A new website doesn’t equal happiness, awesomeness, or perfection. While I am utterly grateful and excited that I have this amazing new space to write and to share my images with you, today I still had one of the hardest days I have ever had on so many levels. Too many struggles and emotions that made getting out of bed hard today. That made opening up to the Lord hard today. This day was filled with situations that made me just want to curl up in a ball and put up my white flag of surrender.




I want to be reminded of that daily. Reminded that I don’t have it all together and won’t until I get to heaven.  Because otherwise I will spend my life chasing pride, perfection, and my worth in worldly things.  Like I have in my past, trying to make more and more money, to have more followers, to have more stuff. I have learned I don’t need any of that. I just need more Jesus. Even though sometimes my heart falls back in to old ways, I want a website to be a website. That is why I purposely left some goofy imperfect pages  and made crappy iPhone videos to have a place on this site, because I want to remind myself again that imperfect is ok. It’s who I am and ONLY by His grace I am made whole.


So please. If any of you had one ounce of sadness enter your heart viewing this site or thoughts thinking you are not enough. YOU ARE ENOUGH.


It is one of my biggest goals to keep it real here on this blog, for you to see the good and the bad. I want to connect with you. I want to get rid of all the fluff.  I want to love and serve and encourage you here.



Gina is a Minneapolis based wedding and lifestyle photographer that loves bringing the LIFE out of people & capturing that energy on camera. Contact Me

It’s Here! The New Gina Zeidler Brand

May 8, 2013
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I can’t believe this day is finally finally here! I am so excited to share this beautiful new brand and website with you. It’s been in the making for months now and I am so grateful for the amazing professionals that I call friends who have made this happen! Thank you so much Ross, Alina, Sasha, Dmitri at Flosites. Thank you for your expertise and just pure awesomeness. You brought this site and brand to life! Lara & Emily thank you for listening to me laugh, cry and dance through this project. Also, helping me with the look of this brand and all the print pieces! I am so lucky to have you and the collaboration of you two and Flosites couldn’t have been a bigger blessing.


So, welcome y’all! I am so glad you are here. Take a peek around and make sure to enter for one of the amazing giveaways!

Because I want to share the excitement and love these are the fun gifts I will be giving away! I hand picked some of my FAVORITE THINGS!

1. The amazing Lara Casey Powersheets! 2. A beautiful gold comb; perfect for beachy waves or a mermaid made by Carlee Sizemore. 3. The Power of Starting Something Stupid by Richie Norton. 4. $100 gift card to JCrew (um I want to win my own giveaway?) 5. Emily Ley’s Great Day Notes and a NEW surprise print from her shop. 6. $50 Etsy Gift Card. 7. $50 Amazon Gift Card 8. 2 $20 Starbucks Gift Cards


To enter, leave a comment (*required) and then do one (or all) of the following tasks. Every task counts as an entry (6 possible chances to win!)


-Like my facebook page and “share” the giveaway photo to your personal or business page. 

-Spread the word about the #gzlaunch on social media and link back to my site or this post

-Blog about the new site/shop
-Instagram. Screenshot the new blog and announce it to your instagram followers! (include @ginazeidler)
-Pin this post or anything on this site!
-Leave a comment here with your favorite part of my new brand and make sure to mention about any other links or tasks you finished


The winners will be announced on Friday, May24th!


Again you can enter as many times as you like. Just be sure to leave comments here with your entries! Note: All prizes will be drawn separately, it’s not a package deal, so there are 9 items to win!! YEA!



Gina is a Minneapolis based wedding and lifestyle photographer that loves bringing the LIFE out of people & capturing that energy on camera. Contact Me