You don’t have to have all your stuff together, you don’t have to shoot on manual, you don’t have to be a photographer. You don’t even have to have a big idea yet. You could have just bought a new camera, or just wanted to see how to make images super crisp.  All of these and more make you a perfect fit.

Mentor sessions with me are all about getting to know you from your core. Getting down to that place and building from there. I crazy enjoy hearing your story and path and from there put together a specific tailored action plan to mentor you to more and more growth in all areas.

I give my heart to you in my sessions. I am invested in you and your needs.

Things that we can/do go over :: life, confidence, balance, lighting, post production, blogging, workflow, how to get started,  getting things done,  branding, social media presence, critique, but honestly, I am an open book. I also often mentor/coach on faith, nutrition and fitness.

1/2 hr & 1 hr mentor sessions are available (In person, phone or Skype). I also offer shoot-alongs, 1/2 day (4hrs) and all day (7 hr) sessions. Full day sessions include a styled shoot with a model. Both half day and full day mentors include a headshot session with me. We have fun and I treat you to try some of my favorite things like tea, dance parties and lots of laughter.

Contact me for more detailed information and to say hi!

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