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Recently, I came across this post from Tara Whitney ( if you have never seen her work before… get ready to be blown away) In her post, she mentions on how you can publish and back-up your twitter feed. I have always wondered if they had this type of service. I actually would love one for facebook that pulls all of your status’s since you started, since I have been on it longer than twitter. I think it would be quite interesting to see what I was thinking in February 2004, my updates on my wedding day or my 21st birthday.

If you think about it our social media clients (facebook, twitter, tumblr) have become virtual scrapbooks, pages and pages of history in our lives. Literally if someone wanted to get to know you they could peruse through your updates and recieve a pretty interesting first impression.

I was blown away at reading through my twitter feed from early 2008. The way I looked at life – my frustrations, thoughts, hopes. One thing I painfully noticed was how much I complained then. I used to consistently crab about the traffic, my lack of sleep, how hungry I was. I was consistently enforcing my negative mood by writing them down in 140 characters. Now, I definitely believe in being totally authentic in all that you do, so that will include the random frustration updates, and the “I am eating taco bell right now, nummy” but what I have realized is this:  If I choose to focus on the positive then I am battling my negatives with an unstoppable force.  Most of the things I was complaining about were in my control.  I complained about being tired: hmm go to bed earlier, Gina, then you won’t be tired.  Overworked and stressed?? well, Gina, take on less and prioritize your time better.

Now I am not here to be your twitter police, yet as trivial as a tweet may seem, think of your audience.  Do you think your followers/clients want to hear about the terrible traffic or your extra tummy fluff in every other update? How can you add value to their everyday? What kind of online legacy do you want to leave?

Enjoy these nummy set of books that I found during my latest antique store run. They just don’t make books like this anymore. I just love the textures and colors.

  1. Katie

    Oh my, I will have to check out that service for the twitter feed. I’m with you though, I think my facebook one would be way more interesting. That or my AIM statuses from back in the day.

    Love those books, I miss the detail on books like that.

  2. leah.fontaine

    I saw a fb application that jumbled your status from the previous year, somehow through my clicking I was able to access all of mine by date. It was definitely eye opening.

    Definitely a good point and those books are loverly.

My girl Eliesa hosted a MN Photostars mixer tonight and here is a sneak peek of some of the fun. It included some photobooth, face  jowling/jostling(did i even say that right?), hats, pyramids, crooked instax max photos, wind and fire :).  I met some awesome people, we have quite the talented group here in the twin cities. I was so excited to see the amount of people that attended and to meet new faces, I hope to get a chance to chat with everyone next time!

  1. eliesa

    HA! Love these! What a fun night that was! LOVEe

  2. Heidi

    It really was a fun night! So many talented people in one room! 🙂 Cute pictures!

  3. Briony

    looks like a great night!

  4. Jessica Barker

    This is what I missed?!?!?! BUMMER. Next time, I won’t poop out and leave at 9pm. 🙂

  5. geneoh

    pure awesome.

  6. Kristi

    Gina – these are great! Wish I could have stayed a bit longer! It was a load of fun though!

  7. melissa oholendt

    I seriously had the BEST TIME. Love all of you. Like whoa. (PS – I’m totally stealing these images.)

  8. Collin Hughes

    so stoked we got to do this! and the fact that the sparklers worked…we were so determined!