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Remeber these two.

Liz & Bevan are that one of a kind couple. I remember getting the first phone call from Liz and she was super uber relaxed. She mentioned that her fiancé wouldn’t be in town till a week before their wedding because he is from New Zealand. A got a huge smile on my face. I had no idea what to expect when I met these two for their engagement session a week before their wedding (since we did all our booking over the phone). I love this anticipation of meeting new people.

These two just blew me away with their genuine love and excitement for each other. Bevan was such a gentleman and so considerate of Liz. His accent also adds 3,000 brownie points in my book. I think if I would have someone narrate my life, it would be Bevan. I just love how eloquent his speech is and the fun words like “query” are in his everyday speech. I seriously just marveled at him when he talked, it was so fun. Sorry Liz, I admit I was marveling 🙂

I seriously love these photos and how much real and happy emotion is captured in each one.  Their wedding was just as awesome as this session. Look for that post sometime next week.

  1. Monica Rysavy

    Beautiful images! They look very happy and I think you captured that well!

  2. Becky

    Love the nose crinkle in the first picture! I did a puppy shoot for a couple last summer and he was English. It definitely took me a little longer than normal to snap out of the daze his accent put me in and get in my groove! 🙂

Meet Ali + Shanna. I went to high school with Shanna and was so elated when she called me about capturing her wedding day. Shanna and I have a lot in common and we had a great time catching up during their session. I also found out that her man Ali and I also have a lot of injuries in common as well, those darn knees. They both have such an awesome style and showed up with some great outfits. My favorite part of the session was Ali’s ‘mean mug’ face, I couldn’t help but bust out laughing everytime he did it.  We had a perfect summer night in Uptown and closed down the session with a BEAUtiful sunset.

1s_02832untitled-113shannaali_retouch027untitled-63shannaali_retouch026untitled-151untitled-73And then BAM we found this ridiculously amazing green wall!0untitled-2Then time for an outfit change and the beautiful golden summer sunset light came out to join us. shannaali_retouch036untitled-112untitled-91shannaali_retouch037untitled-171untitled-132untitled-191untitled-181shannaali_retouch057s_0786

  1. melissa oholendt

    Cute! I love the sunset – so gorgeous. Her eyes are amazing.