I love Gina … seriously!  I can’t speak for the rest of my family, but I do know that they adore her … they’ve told me as much.  Gina became a part of our family, one of those we hold dear, as a direct  and unexpected result of our live-in session.  My husband said “She’s welcome back any time.  She is such a joy to be around.” and my girls constantly ask when Miss Gina is coming back to take our picture.

I start by sharing what we feel about her because, really, her work speaks for itself.  It’s authentic and bright and beautiful and full of life.  Her work is a direct reflection of who is as a human being and how awesome she makes you feel when in front of her camera.  She makes you comfortable.  She allows you to feel beautiful.  She only wants the real “you” to shine through.

The images she created of us are cherished treasures.  I hired Gina because of her live-on session, because I saw the images she has created for others and wanted some of the same for us.  The same meaning a true reflection of who we are and how we live in this moment.  She captured real life happenings of us, of my girls (some that I never knew about until I received the final images), of our family in our natural habitat living as we always do.  We made breakfast (it was the beginning of our pancake Sunday tradition), hung out in our PJs, played on the floor, attended gymnastics and had a special bath to go with the normal nighttime routine.  Gina just knew exactly what to capture and how to pull our family story together in images so that it could be saved and bottled up for us to reminisce over for the rest of time.

She has provided us priceless memories and I can’t thank her enough.