Liz & Curt

When we decided to hire Gina to photograph us for our ten year anniversary, it was a bit of a leap for us. Flying in someone we only knew through the internet to stay with us for two days and take photos of us (something we hadn’t had done before)? However, as soon as she arrived, it was pretty clear that she wasn’t a stranger at all – just a friend we didn’t know we had. Gina made us feel silly and awkward in front of the camera, with a bigger goal in mind – to get us to relax and enjoy the process, which we absolutely did. Whether we were on the beach or in downtown Boston, we never felt uncomfortable and there was a lot of laughter. When we weren’t in front of her lens, we enjoyed a long dinner one night at a local restaurant and it was like catching up with someone we had know for a lot longer than two days.

And the images? Her creative ideas within the locations that she had never visited before were amazing and we were really happy with the images that she sent us a couple of weeks later. Because we took a chance on Gina we received not only some wonderful photos that will decorate our apartment and future homes in the coming years, but a genuine and kind friend, who had since become a valuable mentor to me.