You might call me crazy for naming a page of my website Bananas, but that was the exact point.

I wanted to share my bucket list of sorts that I would love to photograph or accomplish in my lifetime. I wanted to put these out there as a way to connect with others. To be able to serve others with these needs or to collaborate on an idea or photograph.

If any of these hit your heart strings let’s connect.

Let’s do Something Bananas!

couple session in the mountains
photograph a sailing session
photograph an in-home birth
featured image in real simple
campaign shoot for gap, banana republic, or old navy
take a photograph for someone who hAs never had their photo taken ever
provide images for a family who has lost them in a fire or flood
photograph a day in the life of a homestead
photograph one of my favorite instagram follows
capture one of my past couples at their epic weddings spot with their now family
photograph at the Salt Flats

Places I Want to Photograph


Ruby Beach
Big Sur
Utah Slot Canyons
Santorini, Cyclades


Downtown Charleston, SC
Savannah, GA
Joshua Tree, CA
Death Valley, CA


White Sands National Monument, NM
Yosemite National Park, CA
Zion National Park, UT
Big Bend National Park, TX