About Me

I am a photographer, a believer, a mentor, a encourager and connector. I cherish all of these roles because I love people. Serving others with what I can give them is my bread and butter. I love becoming friends with my clients and getting to the core of who they are and capturing that beauty. Ps. authenticity is pretty much the best thing ever.

I am passionate about people. About getting to know each of my clients and defining each person through my images. A lil’ bit of storytelling and a lot of capturing your genuine authentic love & emotion. I love to help style and come up with brilliant ideas that truly represent who you are as a couple, or a new family!

With degrees in Business Administration and Marketing, I was set on heading out into the corporate world looking to climb to the top. Little did I know that my creative side would literally craft a business that was full of heart, with the camera that was constantly attached to my hand. I work hard to create images that evoke emotions, real life and love like no one else. I do this by putting clients at ease through laughter and intentional moments together.

In 2010 Emily Ley and I joined Lara Casey to complete the Making Things Happen team. This  inspirational work produced a strong desire to mentor others, not only in their businesses but in their hearts and families as well. Each year Making Things Happen is a place where we connect others with goodness, getting fired up about what matters, and where we spread passion for life; Really living life! I was born and raised in the Twin Cities of Minnesota where I currently reside with my husband, Matt and our amazing pup, Mya. I love to drink iced tea, sing in the car with the windows down, encourage others, sit in the sun and read Scripture that speaks directly to my soul.