Are you available for travel?

I am available for travel worldwide. My suitcases and I are always ready for our next adventure.

Do you include engagement sessions in your wedding collections?

Yes. All of them. I also shoot many engagements a la carte as well.

Gina, why do you believe so strongly in engagement sessions?

For most bride and grooms, the last photographer they encountered was their graduation photographer. Most of the time grooms dread engagement sessions, because they remember feeling completely akward back in high school in front of the camera.

I want to break that mold at the engagement session.

I want my couples to know we are going to have fun. You are going to laugh at me. You are going to laugh at each other. We will get to know each other more and you’ll see how I do what I do. I want each of my clients to not worry one tiny bit about how pictures are going to go, how they should stand or what they should do with their hands. I want them to see me on their wedding day as an old friend coming to make them do that “weird laugh and walk thing” to create beautiful images. I want my flow and direction to feel like old hat to my couples on the wedding day. To give my couples more time to just enjoy their day and live in that moment.

Do your wedding collections include digital files?

Yes. Each of my clients receive their high resolution images six weeks after their wonderful wedding celebration.

What if we are not a photogenic. Will our pictures still look good?

If I had a dime for every time I heard this from a client. This is a natural fear for many couples. So you are not alone! It’s awkward getting your photo taken at times, I still feel a little goofy when my husband and I get in front of the camera. That is why I think it’s so important to have some fun. Laugh at yourselves and enjoy the time staring at your better half. I promise you it will be a good time!

Gina, I love what I see, what is next?

Contact me! Make sure to include your wedding date and any details that you are planning. I can’t wait to hear from you and get to know you!

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