Investing in People | Video Blog

February 25, 2010
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The video blogs are getting easier my friends, this one only took a couple of times (ok maybe 7 or so) and a little editing. Pretty soon I will be knocking these out on the first try, with time to spare right? Tomorrow, look for a hilarious outtake reel from creating this vlog. Like… I can’t believe Gina is posting this video hilarious.

In this vlog I take you through some pointers I picked up from my latest read Never eat alone by Keith Ferrazzi. This book is a great resource about connecting with people and truly investing in them. Keith is a genius in creating lasting networking relationships. His exercises & tips in this book are super valuable and eye opening.  Enjoy.

(and really YouTube? the screen shots you pull are always so flattering (not) Right here I look like I am ready to pronounce the “ch” sound.  Like Charlie, Chimiganga, Cha Cha, ChattanOOga…ha. I digress.)

Get Keith Ferrazzi video blogs or buy this book. They are both great business resources!

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