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The video blogs are getting easier my friends, this one only took a couple of times (ok maybe 7 or so) and a little editing. Pretty soon I will be knocking these out on the first try, with time to spare right? Tomorrow, look for a hilarious outtake reel from creating this vlog. Like… I can’t believe Gina is posting this video hilarious.

In this vlog I take you through some pointers I picked up from my latest read Never eat alone by Keith Ferrazzi. This book is a great resource about connecting with people and truly investing in them. Keith is a genius in creating lasting networking relationships. His exercises & tips in this book are super valuable and eye opening.  Enjoy.

(and really YouTube? the screen shots you pull are always so flattering (not) Right here I look like I am ready to pronounce the “ch” sound.  Like Charlie, Chimiganga, Cha Cha, ChattanOOga…ha. I digress.)

Get Keith Ferrazzi video blogs or buy this book. They are both great business resources!

  1. Amy Campbell

    Thank you for this post Gina!! It is very inspirational to me to not worry about what others might think and to get out there and just connect with those that are going to encourage, support, and inspire you!

  2. Katie

    Going to go out and buy this book tomorrow! Thanks for the great video post! 🙂