Thankful Thursday

July 24, 2009
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To be truthful, I have not felt very thankful today. It has just been a tough one to push through. I think my body is still adjusting from my car accident about a month ago and I am just trying to play catch up while being extremely exhausted. Ok, now that my mini vent is over.  I still am grateful and know I am blessed. This week I am grateful for contacts. Now, contacts right.. nerdy thing to be thankful for. Well now take a look at the pictures below, and tell me that the big glasses route would have been better?!? Goofy I know, but I just was going through old pictures and couldn’t help but share some embarrassing pictures of myself.

Alright this first photo. Rockin’ out the model pose in the hallway, with the un-made bed to the right (Yes, that is my sister’s room. ha) Now my outfit. I mean this couldn’t have been the first day of school? All sweats? Ha green sweats to boot. I would have to say the best part would be the E-Spirit backpack. I remember how cool I felt with it. Wait do you see it? Don’t forget the scrunchy. But awesome glasses right?

Now this second photo, looks like I still have the same glasses. Sportin’ the Tweety Dairy Queen ice cream cake. Still love that stuff, the fudge and crumble layer is the bomb! But the slice bottle, and the really cool painted t-shirt I have. I think that was one of my favorites for awhile. Ha seriously I can’t stop laughing. Alright, I am interested to see if anyone else has some  awesome embarrassing oldies like these ones 🙂


2 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday

  1. Oh Gina!! I remember that tweety cake, Katie and I were too little to hang out at your party so we hung out up in her room!!! haha! The glasses are classic and I am also very thankful for contacts… 🙂

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