Flowers | Thankful Thursday

July 31, 2009
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This year I have truly noticed the beautiful flowers and green growth more than ever. I guess I never had the appreciation for the season of spring until this year when I couldn’t wait for the colors to return. With a winter that felt like an eternity,  I was so sick of having drab grayish/brown backgrounds for photos. When things finally started growing and budding, I paid attention to every small step. I would say things like, “does this happen every year?” “Oooo what is that pretty flower? ” I am so thankful that I have had time to appreciate the beautiful growth that God has given us on this earth. Plus, they make my a beautiful backdrop for my photos 🙂

Since, a post is always better with photos, here are some of my favorite flower/prairie shots  so far this year.  Enjoy! I can’t wait till fall and the changing of the trees.


One thought on “Flowers | Thankful Thursday

  1. I noticed flowers today too Gina! I have been outside a little more than usual…so I’m paying attention to everything. Flowers make an awesome background.

    I too cannot wait til the fall…I’m imagining our wedding pictures to look awesome w/ the colors of fall and our wedding colors. Should be outstanding.

    I have always loved flowers/greenery and have wanted them to be a part of my wedding pictures ever since I was a little girl. They’re just so naturally beautiful.

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