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August 16, 2009
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Meet Dakota. This little princess had the most decked out 1yr birthday party I had ever seen. It was so great! Crystal (Dakota’s mom) did an amazing job with all of the details for this lil’ pumkin. I might have to hire Crystal to plan & decorate all of my future kids party’s(like 5yrs from now :), she was fabulous. Everywhere you turned there was a new and exciting game to play or treat to try. I loved that the whole party had a pink and purple cupcake theme. Even a cupcake pinata and a bubble machine. Dakota was also covered in cupcake details from her hair clips to her shirt and undies. I had such a great time capturing these moments, thanks Crystal & Nick.


Oh did I mention that Crystal is gorgeous! Look at this hot mama!

untitled-8Now on to the fabulous details. Seriously these cupcake pops (sorry if that isn’t their correct name) were my favorite. From what I hear they took hours of slaving, but they were oh so nummy and beautiful.

untitled-33untitled-23untitled-7untitled-42Dakota got a ton of fun gifts. A pink lil’ car to drive and my favorite this little pink piano. She loved it and was playing it within seconds.


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