This week, and every week this summer I am thankful my CSA share. A co-worker and I are splitting a grande share from Featherstone Farms. Each Thursday we get fresh fruits and vegetables delivered.  It has been such a treat to look through our box and see what is in store. It has really made me realize how much I don’t prepare food as much as I should. I try so hard each week not to waste any of the food, but it is alot to eat. It also makes me proactively think about meals, and has had me try a couple of new things.

My favorites so far have been the green leaf lettuce, red and blue potatoes, onions, strawberries, and the SWEET CORN. Also, I really love this smell of dill. And It is so tasty. This is just a peek of this week’s share. I apologize for the quality, it’s the best the lil’ iPhone could do today.


  1. leah

    Seriously. YUM!