Meet my better half Matt.


We have been married for 2 years and counting. This man is my rock. He has been loving, caring, helpful and goes above and beyond for me. For this I am truly blessed. I don’t think I say thanks to him enough.

He is always asking how he can make my day better, greeting me every morning with a smile. (yes, because he is a morning person and I am not, and he thinks its funny to see me grumble) Another quality of his I am very thankful for his calming nature. Lately I have been overwhelmed on many levels and he is right there to save me. He will deliver a chai, take the puppy on a walk,  and listen to me talk (well listen to be babble most of the time). God knew what he was doing that day we met in a Karges Hallway.

***Matthew, I love you and don’t deserve how good you are to me. Thank you for putting up with me, being there for me and doing it with a smile and a hug. For you I am truly thankful. I am looking forward to the next 100 yrs.***

  1. Melissa Oholendt

    I would like to meet you and be friends please. (PS – your husband’s name is Matt, so is mine. We were meant to be besties.)

    (Found you through Eliesa’s twitter in case you were wondering!)

  2. v

    lllloooovvvveeee that this is your thankful thursday!! bout time… :] and you are not the only one thankful for matt! he’s awesome and not to mention quite handsome!! 😉