Meet Alyssa + Chris. This cute couple stole my heart on a Monday night. I truly caught myself smiling many times while capturing their moments. Alyssa has a gorgeous smile that is just to-die-for!  Also, this first picture was my absolute favorite. That little leg (in the cutest shoes) just popped right up during the kiss, like in a movie. I cannot wait for your wedding next June.


I love it when we find random things that have the couples wedding date. I really wanted to get closer to this, but I was already sinking in the mud going out this far. 😉untitled-211We shot their session on White Bear Lake, I had no idea how dried up this lake was until we arrived. Literally my mouth dropped at the height of the water, it is just so sad. Let’s pray for more rain! WBL definitely needs it.

  1. Jessica F.

    These photos are so warm! I can sense their love in them. Nice job as always GZ!