Shaking it off | Being Thankful. November 10th

November 10, 2009
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My travel “high” officially ended this past Sunday afternoon. My trip to Seattle not only was a learning experience but an eye opener.  I was feeling SO refreshed, renewed and I know this sounds weird but light. Light as in free and really relaxed to let my mind wander and appreciate God’s everyday gifts. I couldn’t remember the last time I felt this way and it was a true eye opener on how I live my life. I was excited to come home and keep these new found feelings alive and implement simplicity and my new goals into daily life. Unfortunately Sunday, I let my jammed packed day, my to-do list, and the mountains of emails I needed to return weigh me down. I woke up Monday with the same sort of despair feelings about my to-do list, about cleaning my house, getting to the gym and the week ahead. I was definitely down in the dumps, feeling helpless.

Then I came across this picture and it was like I heard a whisper that said “stop, slow down and shake it off. Shake off all the negativity”  At that moment, I realized that I had the power on how to feel about my current situation aka.. my life. Now sure, I knew coming back home after an inspiring and incredibly freeing vacation was going to be hard. But changing my status quo isn’t going to happen overnight. Yet, it starts with little things, like looking at my daily life and responsibilities as a blessing instead of hardship,  seeing this change ahead as a impossible mountain to climb or an amazing journey while I conquer the mountain.

I choose the journey. Today, I am truly thankful for what this photo emulates to me… shaking it off.


Saying that I can’t help but sharing videos the lil’ babes shaking it. Click HERE & HERE ( you probably have seen them, but I just had too)

3 thoughts on “Shaking it off | Being Thankful. November 10th

  1. Thanks for the honesty in this. I really appreciate people who are ok with being human—and you showed your humanity in this post. Most important is that you acknowledge that you have quite a bit of power and control! Keep up the great work!

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