Meet Marija + Bobby. I distinctly remember my consultation with this ridiculously, awesome couple. We  first got talking about their hobbies and style. They mentioned their cars & motorcycle was one thing they enjoyed, they also explained that their style was a modern + vintage mix. I was getting super excited with every new sentence they were describing to me. You know, when you just know that you are a great match with a couple? Such a fun feeling. Then we started to go over details of their special day like size of wedding, colors, dates and as we move on to locations they nonchalantly mention their reception was going to be in an airplane hanger! WHAT!?! I had to stop and ask them to repeat that again, as I realized I had acquired goosebumps because of my sheer excitement. Needless to say I am super excited for their 2010 wedding.

This will also be my thankful post. Today, I am thankful for goosebumps. Also, for the amazing clients (like M & B) that give me goosebumps opportunites. I just love these feelings that come up when you are pursuing a passion, following your heart or chasing your dreams. Some days are tougher than others, but then you will have a moment that provides goosebumps and ladies and gents its all worth it.  Today I am living for the goosebump moments.


  1. johnwaire | photo

    ROCKIN! you can tell when a photog ‘clicks’ with their client(s) — can’t wait to see what you create on their wedding day.

  2. Johanna

    Love them! I think the two with the bright leaves/sunflare are my favorites.

  3. Kristin Partin

    I think that top photo is my FAVORITE. its so fresh and new!

  4. Amber Johnson

    Wow girl, they look great!!!!! Way to go!

  5. Allison Larson

    I love the leaf colors Gina! Very cool pics! I’ll be so excited if Bryan and I are half as cute as them in our pics : )

  6. melissa oholendt

    Love this session G! You rocked it – the couple is SUPER CUTE.

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