This picture just makes me smile and I want to yell out  “for the win” or “touchdown”. This photo made me realize that I need to celebrate the little wins. Whether that be crossing off a line item on the to-do list, getting to the gym, or knocking the crap out of my email. I need to give myself a high-five (think Borat voice) and through my hands in the air and rejoice. So today, I am thankful for this curly haired little guy, who clueless to him, is helping me celebrate my little wins.


  1. Leah

    I looooove this. So true girl, you’ve got so many reasons to be happy, but they’re even more plentiful when you recognize the small wins!

  2. Drew

    This is my favorite picture of yours!!! So adorable! (This is coming from a gal that loves little kids and is going into a profession where I will work with them) I can not wait for you to take pictures for our kids someday 🙂