Seeing it all differently now | Being Thankful. November 23rd

November 22, 2009
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I am thankful today for the new set of eyes that I have been given. Now you are all thinking…what the heck is she talking about?  Well, in the last couple of years the point of view that I see the world has definitely changed. I see colors, shapes, and locations like I never have before. I feel so grateful for this new view, yet crazy for missing all these little cool spots all these years. I think the first time this hit me is when I shot my first session in River Falls, WI where I attended college. I couldn’t believe at the amazing depth and variety of locations I found in the town. I had lived there for 5 years, and never truly noticed them.

I now view the world through a photo lens… I often stop on the side of the road to remember a spot, grab my iPhone and snap a quick photo or just say to myself “How the heck did you not see that before?” This engagement session was no different. Jessie and Nate met me in downtown Hudson, WI. I have been here many times, yet missed these awesome yummy warm tones that were all in walking distance of each other.  I just love the warmth that comes out of these photos.

Now this song just started playing in my head… so yes super cliche but I leave you with me singing…..I can see clearly now


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3 thoughts on “Seeing it all differently now | Being Thankful. November 23rd

  1. I love engagement pictures! I wish I could re-do mine and just take millions of pictures in different weather elements, different outfits, different settings etc..

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