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December 11, 2009
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***Cans for comments update…we are currently at 75 cans. I am going to extend the deadline till this Friday, December 11th. So, lets comment the heck out of my next couple of posts and feed those who are in need. My goal is to hit 150 comments which = 150 cans of food to feed local families. I know we can do it! Remember you can comment on each new post. ***

I am going to let you in on a little secret….I am one of those dog moms. The ones who dress her dog up in cute scarfs and sweaters, who cries every time we go out of town and leave her and the momma who babies her dog. This should be laughable to anyone who grew up with me, especially my immediate family. Seriously, I swore off getting a dog. I had too many negative experiences with the ones that grew up in my house, I wouldn’t have it.  I thought I was off scot free when I married a man who was allergic to cats and dogs. Little did I know that measly a couple months later we would find out he was only still allergic to cats and now the husband was ever motivated to get a dog. Well, a week after Christmas 2008 he convinced me to just come “look”. Ladies and Gentlemen, you cannot drive 2 hrs and play with the cutest puppy ever and just look. I repeat you cannot just “look”

This is why its is totally hilarious that I am that dog mom. Mya has found a soft spot in my heart and her cuddly self reassures me everyday that she is a keeper. Well not everyday (like the 5am I-am-going-to-bark-until-you-wake up calls) but yes I love her to pieces.

Mya is a Morkie. This week she had her year check-up and she is slated full grown at a whopping 5.6 pds. Last week, I took my pup over to my ever amazing friend Sarah of SarahBethPhotography. Let me tell you a little about my kick booty awesome friend Sarah. She is a ridiculously talented pet photographer, most recently eating up the cover of Minnesota Monthly and even has her pup and photo in People magazine. Her style is so fresh and so modern for pet photography. You might ask why I wouldn’t just take photos of my own dog? I would rather leave it up to the expert. Sarah is not only an amazing photographer, but she is so great with pups. Mya is a bit of a toughie sometimes being she is a bit crazy, but Sarah just hung out and played with her and captured these amazing moments. To check out more of Mya go here.

And if you are drooling over these photos like I am. Schedule a session with Sarah. I promise you won’t be disappointed. Also, a great holiday gift 🙂


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  1. here’s your SECOND comment… i can’t believe i misspelled ‘one’ in my first comment which wasn’t even a comment about the post. cute little wuppy you got there 😉

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