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December 21, 2009
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Heading out to experience the amazing Making Things Happen 2010 with the amazing Lara Casey. Do you remember this post where I spoke about meeting Lara. “I would just love to meet Lara in person, give her a huge hug thanking her and then talk for hours about life” 🙂 The next week Lara announced her MTH2010 Intensive tour, she was giving away a spot to those who commented on why they needed to go. I commented and I along with 11 others won. Woot!


Since reading her awesome post I haven’t been able to sit still. I have so much passion, excitement, imagination, determination to really make things happen. Looking forward to rebranding, focusing and updating for 2010. I am so excited for Making Things Happen at WaterColor Inn.

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2 thoughts on “Making Things Happen 2010 | Business | Excitement

  1. Oh Gina – You are taking off! I loved reading about your trip to Colorado with Matt. Remember when we went north and we talked about the phrase from a song – There is a heaven on earth that so few ever find – but the maps in soul and the roads in your mind. John Fogelberg
    You are making this happen. I am proud of you and hope to rub elbows with you at some near future point for mentoring. Lara Casey’s influence sounds so powerful. Thank you for sharing.
    Hope Matt is better after his appendectomy. I miss your mom. This middle age stuff is bizarre.

    I wish you both a very blessed Christmas.


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