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December 27, 2009
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“If your not falling, your not pushing hard enough” –Jeff Holt Making things Happen Intensive 2010

“Choose to be remarkable, Choose to be great” -Lara Casey Making things Happen Intensive 2010 (FYI. It’s Lara’s birthday today, stop by her twitter and leave some love)

Chasing your dreams isn’t always going to be easy. It is hard to come back from these powerful workshops, where you experience such a high, that you feel on top of the world. But then real life and the nitty gritty of everyday eats at you. I wrote about this after I came home from my mentor session with Sarah & Chris Rhoads.

Although, today I faced a small snafu situation different than I ever have before. I could have freaked out and hyperventilated, screamed, and let in the negativity. Yet, I chose to make the best out of the situation, stayed positive and truly believed in my heart of hearts that it would work out. And guess what, IT DID. It wasn’t super easy and was quite uncomfortable, but I still focused on looking forward and being positive. It will get easier, I know it.  So yes, today in my book I hit a Home Run. Celebrate your Home Run moments.


Page from | The Bounce Back Book | Will share more from this little book soon…

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