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January 23, 2010
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“I will not tell you that MTH2010 is the answer. It’s not. It’s the launch pad. It’s what you DO afterward that makes things happen.” – Lara Casey

I proclaimed “Hallelujah” when I read this tweet. Making Things Happen Intensive  isn’t a magic potion or one button fix to everything that you are going through. Nor is it an instruction guide to your life or business being successful, it is giving you tools to tackle life and own it. The MTH experience was the piece that helped open my eyes. It help me realize that I own the ability to choose to face my fears and hit the ground running toward my wildest dreams.I do not think its for everybody either. You have to be ready for it, you have be open to it. Otherwise its a waste of your time.

If you are a new-comer to my blog in the last month, you maybe have thought…What the heck is MTH? Why is this girl so crazy about it? Really Gina, another post on Making Things Happen. Yes. I admit it may seem as I have drank the juice, that I am addicted to this crazy intensive called MTH2010, and even at times that I am selling it.

NOPE. I am not selling or pushing the intensive. I apologize if any of you have felt that way. Like I mentioned above it is not for everybody. All those that contacted me asking if they should go…got pretty much the same response.  I recommended they read the first post that Lara put out there and if that spoke to them, then seriously consider going. I really stressed that going or not was  a decision they had to make for themselves. That’s the first step taking ownership and choosing to dive in head first or know that maybe this one isn’t for you and continue after your dreams.

This experience was BIG for me because it came to be at such a pivotal time in my life. I believe with my whole heart that God had his hand in all of this. Guiding me to Lara’s website and blessing me with a scholarship opportunity. But to be truthfully honest, the last 6 months I have experienced tremendous adversities personally, I have worked through and overcome some major low, yet important moments. I still have tough moments.  Making Things Happen was the place that gave me that extra kick in the arse to believe in myself and face my fears. I have been sharing with all of you because I am so inspired and fired up at how free and right on I feel in my life right now. I want to remember these moments, so I can look back in the hard times and know, see and believe in myself.  My writing has finally come back to me and in all of this really am starting to find my true sense of self.

I am also just amazed at the community and support system the Watercolor crew has created. I am so blessed to have been put in contact with these amazing people that challenge me. support me. laugh with me. cry with me. These peeps are the real deal, we were able to connect on a level that I can’t describe. Now, I doubt this will happen for everyone at all the intensives going forward. I am hoping that the tout dates ahead will open up and get down to a level, where they can walk out feeling ridiculously inspired and fired up with all they can accomplish.

Whew. this one is a LONG one, and so if you have made it this far. HIGH FIVE! A

lso, I need to give a quick shout out to Ross @flosites. My website/blog has been hacked numerous times in the last couple of weeks & Ross and his staff have just stepped up and been amazing. I can’t wait for my whole new branding and web experience to launch with them in the next months!

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