My girl Eliesa hosted a MN Photostars mixer tonight and here is a sneak peek of some of the fun. It included some photobooth, face  jowling/jostling(did i even say that right?), hats, pyramids, crooked instax max photos, wind and fire :).  I met some awesome people, we have quite the talented group here in the twin cities. I was so excited to see the amount of people that attended and to meet new faces, I hope to get a chance to chat with everyone next time!

  1. eliesa

    HA! Love these! What a fun night that was! LOVEe

  2. Heidi

    It really was a fun night! So many talented people in one room! 🙂 Cute pictures!

  3. Briony

    looks like a great night!

  4. Jessica Barker

    This is what I missed?!?!?! BUMMER. Next time, I won’t poop out and leave at 9pm. 🙂

  5. geneoh

    pure awesome.

  6. Kristi

    Gina – these are great! Wish I could have stayed a bit longer! It was a load of fun though!

  7. melissa oholendt

    I seriously had the BEST TIME. Love all of you. Like whoa. (PS – I’m totally stealing these images.)

  8. Collin Hughes

    so stoked we got to do this! and the fact that the sparklers worked…we were so determined!