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Erica | A bestie

Erica and I have been friends since I was a wee little one. Years of private school, riding bus number 1, fruit roll ups and more soccer than you can ever imagine. Erica, or Gus as we call her, has been with me through the ups and downs for the last 15 years of my life. I have been wanting to take her photo for a long time.

She has been involved in some awesome organizations and traveled the world.  Erica is a truly a beautiful person inside and out. It was an honor to capture her and her essence in these photos, seriously delightful. Love you Gus and your blue hair.

  1. Angela Weinzetl

    Gotta love Darlene and bus 1! Great pics Gina! I love them all!

  2. sarah


  3. leah.fontaine

    Gina these are gorgeous! So much fun, every inch of them!

  4. Johanna Price

    These are great! Love the bottom one.