Slow Down. Never neglect the little moments. They are so precious.

  1. johnwaire | photo

    …that 1st shot is precious!

  2. s h e r r y

    Too cute! <3

  3. robyn

    thank you for capturing the true personality of our family! some of the pictures you have taken truly bring a tear to my eye…they are absolutely beautiful.

  4. Sean

    Love the litte, little smile in the second photo. Such a beautiful series, and it is about those small moments. Lovely reminder.

  5. Melissa Danielle

    Hey- Just stumbled onto your blog through Shanna Miller… love your work!! Very nice and simple with a twist of vintage retro… and lots of really unique ideas! Just wanted to say hey and thanx for all the inspiration 🙂

  6. Olivia Leigh

    Too cute! Love his little smile.