Big News & Self Portrait | April & May

June 4, 2010
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Finally I get to share all the things that have been in the works the last couple of months! So where have I been? Here is the round up.

  • I have put in my notice at my full time job (April 29th). A big scary, yet exciting step, that couldn’t have happened with out so many people supporting me and believing in me even when I didn’t. Gina Zeidler is going to be a full time chasing the dream. My last day is June 9th, actually Matt and I’s 3 year anniversary. We definitely will have lots to celebrate next week.
  • I am rebranding with Red Organic (I have been since December) I can finally see the light at the end of tunnel. Things are at print and on press. Expect a new blog,website, and all new packaging and brand. Coming by the end of June!
  • I have been chosen as a top 20 finalist to shoot the V3 Cover of Southern Weddings magazine. I will be working hard to produce this shoot with some amazing vendors down in Texas this month. Read more and check out the other amazing proposals here ::
  • I have a couple of amazing styling shoots in progress. These little ideas that have popped into my head, have turned into reality and its so exciting. One is actually finished and a couple more to go. I am so excited to share these with my new launch.
  • Did this exercise again today :: Really exciting to see changes in my answers over the months. Best one? Being able to write down strengths at ease. I can’t tell you how hard this was for me before. I barely could write 2 or 3 things. Baby I’m coming into my own, and OMG I am even looking at the camera and smiling.

P.S. I am so proud and honored to be one of the many amazing people (many MTH’ers) to have followed their dreams and also left their desk jobs in the last couple of months. Check out these wonderful people and their amazing inspiration & story: Dana. Emily. Elizabeth. Sarah. Joy. Jessica. (if I forgot anyone please remind me and I will add you to the list) 🙂

***Note :: I took these photos the day after I gave my notice in April. I totally blanked on a May self portrait, except for when I was waiting for my bride to walk down the aisle on memorial day..I noticed I had smileys on my sandals. It made me giggle so I had to share.***

12 thoughts on “Big News & Self Portrait | April & May

  1. Dude these are powerful punches to be packing in one post! So proud of this self portrait, you are finally starting to believe it. 🙂 Excited for the future, the near and far.

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