Hmmm. Three years ago, I had bright white blonde hair. Was stinking way too tan. Wore a big fluffy princess dress and married the love of my life. After going through old photos and journals tonight, I realized how much of a journey these last three years have been.

I had no idea…… at that time that my passion for photography would start the beginning of a business nearly a couple months later. I had no idea how much my style would change, develop, grow. Nearly three years later I look back like I got married in a different decade.

I had no idea…… and never in my wildest dreams would I have thought I could be running my own business full-time. That mearly three years later to the day, I would be leaving a great company that I had spent the last five years with. Entering a new chapter of my life. Leaving the familiar and jumping head first into living my dreams.

I had no idea…..the depth of Matt’s love for me. Through thick and thin Matt has supported me and been there for me lovingly. He constantly lends a hand in my daily activities and in these last three years of me pretty much working 2 full-time jobs/90hrs a week he is the reason I have made it through. I can’t wait to have more life balance to now be able to return the favor. To make meals. To get up in the morning with him.  To put him first.

I had no idea…… that God would be working in my heart, the last year especially, to be less worried about money, security, others perceptions, my self-image, about difficulties and about trying to control and plan everything. Life is messy. I now know that God can use any of my failures to glorify him, so I just need to keep reminding myself to look up and trust.

I had no idea… much of life is a choice. A choice to get up everyday and push through and make it great. You don’t just graduate, get a job, buy a house and sit there waiting for life to happen. You need to go out and live your life. Enjoy the little moments. Write down memories. Dance. Stop Doubting yourself and try something new. I am trying to embrace this daily. Being busy every moment of your days doesn’t make you successful or happy. I have learned this the hard way.

So in short….there is lots to celebrate today. I want to celebrate life and love those that are in it. Thank you all for being a part of mine. Happy Wednesday.

Also, on a small note. Member the tweet I sent out this last Sunday. I just wanted to show you proof so you can laugh with me.  See. Ace Bandages. Ha.

  1. Leah

    Amen sister, amen. Happy Anniversary lovebirds, minus the ACE.

  2. Becky Egeland

    We are going to miss you at HP but I’m so proud of you for making this big step. You will be amazing – you are amazing. One look at Matt and anyone can see that you know how to make great decisions. Good luck and stay in touch,

  3. sarah

    i’m SO proud of how far you’ve come just in the short time that we’ve known each other! you’re a great friend and i love you 🙂

  4. Rachel Petersen

    Not only are you an amazing photographer, you are an amazing writer. I feel inspired to take on the day after reading this! Congratulations Gina!

  5. emily griffith

    CONGRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So happy and excited for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Tonya Wilbur

    Gina, you inspire me with your words! You are a Beautiful Woman. Enjoy your day with the Love of your Life!

  7. Jessica

    Rockstar! That’s what you are! You are an inspiration. I am thankful that I get to call you my friend!

  8. Just Bloomed

    Happy Anniversary!!!!

  9. Ginger M.

    Marriage really is an amazing thing, when you’ve made the commitment to never give up, because love never fails. And it’s crazy that just when you think you can’t love someone any more, you learn how to even more with each year. Marriage is such a beautiful reflection of God’s love for us… forgiveness, and commitment… So congrats to you both, this very special day:)

    Also, congrats on going full time… That is fantastic!

  10. Jamie Schulz

    Gina, Your positive, optimistic outlook on life is so inspiring. Congratulations on all of your successes. Your work is incredible. Anxious to see your new brand : )

  11. [email protected] C+L

    This post just totally made me smile! Thanks for sharing! Yay for love, following your dreams, and making the decision to be happy & creating the life you want & love!

  12. Mary Dunlap

    Thank you for this post. Congrats to you and your husband. I feel like we are one and the same : )
    My style has changed a bit over time and I have since gained this love for photography much more so than I had when I got married. What you’ve said is so true, and are words to live by.

  13. Elizabeth

    Thank you for sharing these thoughts and being so open. I don’t want this to sound weird or anything but I can see a lot of similarities in the way we think. Your thoughts on security, money, others perceptions, self image, etc are all things I seem to be dealing with a lot lately especially since going full time. It’s encouraging to hear from others experiencing the same. All the best to you as you move forward. I am truly excited for you.