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June 20, 2010
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I took piano lessons for about 8 years while I was in grade school. We had one of the best teachers around, one of those teachers that makes you cut your finger nails because you need to roll your fingers of those keys better, practice an hour each evening teachers. I must have practiced and played more than 500 songs throughout the years, back then I dreaded piano lessons.

Guess what? (Now Mother if you are reading this cover your eyes/ears) I don’t remember a one song that was given to me by my teacher. Now I still am very grateful for these lessons as I believe music pushes your brain in another space where it can flourish. But, I remember three songs. To this day I can sit down and play them note for note. Now I am warning you this is quite the collection. If anyone wants to come over and lay down some vocals just let me know. ha.

1. I’ll be right here waiting for you – Bryan Adams

2. My heart will go on – Celine Dion

3. Tarantella – Italian Folk Song

Why these 3 you ask? The Bryan Adams song was taught to me by my babysitter in 6th grade. No music, no direction, just listening. She focused in on me hearing the pattern of the music and I caught on. I was enamored that I could learn without sheet music, I was proud. I still love this song to this day.

My heart will go on was music I bought when my teacher told me I could pick any song to learn that I wanted to. I remember finding it in the store and bringing it home and trying to figure it out on my own, before my lesson that week. I was so happy to show my teacher that I had the first page of chords down already. Again I was taking pride in my lessons and learning.

Lastly, Tarantella was a piano piece that I took a liking to because we would listen to this song at my grandmas. It’s an Italian folk dance. Being that my grandma was born and raised in Italy, it was a fun song to share with her. Plus your hands are all over the keys, I thought I looked cool.

Lesson Learned. Short fingernails and 500 + songs later :: What you love, what you take pride in, what is meaningful, is what sticks with you & others.

So…Do it. Do what you love. Make your work meaningful. Take pride in your work. You can do this at this moment (no matter what job or situation you are in) find those little things and play your own song.

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