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One Peek

Alright, alright. Two peeks of this awesome shoot to hit the blog early next week. I can’t decide if I should do the series in color, black & white or a combo. What do you think?

  1. Johanna Price

    Holy crud. That b&w is insane.

  2. Amanda Anderson

    Love them both! 🙂

  3. vanessa

    the colors are fantastic in the first one esp. with the lighting!!!

  4. lacey salley

    I lvoe them all Gina. You are amazing!!!!

  5. Mary Dunlap

    Both color and B&W are gorgeous. I vote for a little bit of both!

  6. Dennis Bullock

    Either way they are amazing!

  7. shelley anderson

    i personally am drawn to the bw edits…but i am a sucker of bw’s in general…
    you cannot go wrong either way though on these!

  8. AP

    black & white…for sure.

  9. Ewan Phelan

    Gorgeous woman and gorgeous photos! I can’t decide if colour or black and white is the way to go. I love both of them. I really love the way she is looking at the camera though. You captured it in a way that just pulls me right in.