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August 12, 2010
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A new idea here my friends. As most of you know I am working hard to push myself in the world of creativity. In the midst of heavy wedding and engagement  season, I am looking for something with a different flavor. Here is where you come in.

I am asking for an out of the box, unique idea for a styled photoshoot. Share with me your wildest concept, something you have been cooking up for awhile, something you thought a photographer would never want to shoot!! Challenge me.

Examples? Truly anything out of the ordinary that you are passionate about. You and your friends eating pizza, you your nerdy (or cool) hobby,  or a play on props from your childhood.  Some of my favorite shoots as of late are ::  Newlywed SeriesMilya’s DaydreamsLove. These are the feel that I am going for. Inspirational, free form, and creative!

Post a comment detailing your idea by midnight Friday, August 13th. I will choose the idea that catches my eye and my heart the most and the winner will get their idea shot and styled by me!  I am looking to partner with you, to explore your (and my) creativity and to create something memorable.  I will announce the winner on Monday. Show me what you got.

P.S. I might accept bribery. In the form of these boots 😉

43 thoughts on “Giveaway : Creativity + My Camera

  1. I LOVE this idea, Gina! I have always wanted to have a shoot with my now-husband and I in all of our favorite places—a series of shots at our favorite restaurants, doing typical things at home and more. This would include us reading books and sipping coffee at Barnes and Noble or Borders, enjoying brunch on Sunday morning in our kitchen, playing board games on our bed in the evening, dinner and bubbly at Sapor, a walk on the Stone Arch bridge, throwing leaves at each other in fall in our backyard, playing with our crazy cats, and snuggling up with a movie on our sofa in the basement. Just regular life stuff. I know it’s not that crazy or interesting, but one of my little dreams. 🙂

  2. G – My friends and I have been through a lot the past few years and Tuesday marked the 25th bday of our close friend Nick who passed away three years ago. We were saying we wanted to do something – something crazy or silly involving pictures of us – because it’s the one thing we wish we had more of Nick. I came up with this: “Life is a Wild Ride” – an amusement park photo shoot. On a Roller Coaster, Flying Swings, just us laughing and having fun through out the “turns and twists” of the park – just like in life. Let me know what you think? 🙂 And even if you don’t pick my idea – I think you’re work is AMAZING and I follow your blog daily, ha. Keep it up G!
    Liz Hennen

  3. Through the eyes of a little one: A Day in the Life of a Baby from her perspective; what she sees and what she does.

    Thought is might be neat and more pictures of Alexis!

  4. Well I know this one would be extremely tough, but my husband and I are both meteorologists and we both storm chase. Or I should say, we DID storm chase, before our son was born. This summer storm chasing has been much harder, but once he’s our son is a little older I would love to have photos of us storm chasing as a family. Riding in the car, eating gas station food while we wait for the storms to develop, teaching him to look at weather models and radar, showing him storm structure, and of course, taking photos of the thunderstorms.

  5. Gina, I was thinking that since many photographers backdrop are seasonal or change with the newest great idea. It could be great fun to see several rounds of shots taken at the Minnesota State Fair.
    Just think of the endless backdrop options …Children’s Petting Barn, Amusement rides including the historical Ferris Wheel and carousal, a plethora of prize stuffed animals, the local food stands which often feature outrageous signage with fantastic color schemes, machinery hill, old town, the International Bazaar, the daily parade, Green Street in the Eco building, and many, many more…
    Fair organizers might grant you a special access and just thinking of the light during morning sunrise and evening sunset you could capture with your clients.
    Good luck!

  6. I saw your contest via a post from Leah on FB. How about a day in the life of a mom with young children (I have a 3 yr old and an almost 6 month old). You could photograph the craziness (i.e. children playing in laundry, dishes in the kitchen, painting projects, children “helping” with chores), the peacefulness (i.e. napping children, children engaged in pretend play, reading stories) and the tender loving moments that make motherhood all worth it (i.e. cuddling, laughing together, baby smiles). You could also include children helping cook something in the kitchen (cookies? Could this be the bribe you mentioned?), a family meals or a crazy trip to the grocery store.

  7. I saw this and just couldn’t resist posting! I have a very dear friend who has recently become engaged. She is truly a wonderful person with the biggest heart in the world.

    Meghan has always embraced the Irish in her, giving me this stellar idea of having an Irish themed photo shoot.

    I see an Irish pub, with tall glasses of Guinness. A bar dressed in dark wood, with old fashioned glass fixtures and a fireplace in the back. (there’s a place like this in the Twin Cities, right? 🙂 ) The young couple downing their beers, throwing darts, enjoying each others company. Perhaps they could be eating a shepards pie or stuffing their faces with cornbeef sandwichs. (Meghan can be a silly person, so I’m sure some humor in the photos would be welcomed.)

    Maybe, you could let your creativity flow, and incorporate a shamrock some how. In an open field or on the water, I’m sure they would be down for anything.

    I hope this sparks some creativity. These are some wonderful people you would be photographing.

    Here is my email, if you are interested: [email protected]. I’d be more than happy to pass along your information and vice versa. 🙂

  8. two idears: 1) i think it would be cool to do a His and Hers version of an engagement session. his idea of what their love means to him or his perfect day with her that he helps call the shots on (where, what they’re doing, wearing) and a second shoot from her perspective on what their love means to her/her pefect day of them together.
    2) (this could make it a long project!) chronicle the planning process – much like the newlyweds you listed, do a to-be-weds as they go through the process of planning – see the excitement at the beginning of the process, the stress in the middle, and the wish to just get down the aisle at the end, concluded with two blissfully happy people that you get to shoot their wedding.

  9. What a great giveaway! I would love to do a “Through the Decades” photo session. Starting out with the 40’s/50’s with all the “Mad Men” inspired clothing (Housewife look, red lipstick, etc.) – 60’s with mini dress/skirt, headbands, big eyelashes, the “mod” look, etc. – 70’s with sequins, tall shoes, etc. – 80’s with big hair, fluorescent colors, funky sunglasses, etc. – And I’ll have to think about the 90’s… maybe the preppy look?

  10. Love the state fair idea!
    What if you did something with all the old stories we were told as children but with an grown-up twist. Hanzel and Gretel in the woods, Little BoBeep and her tuffet, Little house on the Prairie – whatever stories you remember with. It would be interesting to see them in a modern perspective. I am a Literary nerd 🙂

  11. I am over the top passionate about the State Fair. Every year I try to capture my nephew on the Mighty Midway – mid scream – on a ridiculous ride. Kind of hard to do that with my little digital but I still have fun trying. I love the look of pure joy (he’s never really scared) on his face. Been doing this since he was a baby and now he’s almost 15. Two more weeks until pronto pups, crowds, cotton candy, animal barns, crafts, blue ribbons, free music and the most fun you have for the price of an admission ticket. 🙂

  12. A number of friends and I are big fans of True Blood – both the books and the TV show. I think it would be fun to have a vampire themed photo shoot complete with cardboard cut outs of our favorite characters. I’m glad you added that nerdy ideas would be welcome! 😉

  13. My husband and I are expecting our first baby and are looking to get an earthy, organic + quirky maternity session shot honoring and blessing our baby. I pictured an old wooden boat somewhere in the woods or a romantic grassy field, with us laying inside it capturing life as baby grows and embracing our pregnancy. We have a bunch of old fashioned fairytales and other storybooks that my Grandma read growing up that I’d love to incorporate, and I was thinking of getting a henna painting on my belly for the occasion. I’ve collected a few props that we’d love to use as well. I’m picturing a very unique & magical fairtytale like shoot, I’m a big fan of light. Yes this sounds crazy but it would be fun to do an early morning shoot right as the sun is coming up (I’m a photographer too and I LOVE the lighting at that’s absolutely magical) Just something different. It would be fun to start in the nursery (kind of like the newlywed series new home) and then venture into the wild!

  14. What an amazing opportunity, if only I had unlimited Anthro funds;-)

    I am part of a local (twin cities) cooking club and while we try and capture the images of the food we create each month we do a very mediocre job and the pics that are actually of the people usually end up in the recycle bin. I have always dreamed of having a full photo shoot of our friends and our food to remember the amazing times that we have all shared together and you would be my first pick for a photog (heck, we’ll even feed you and feed you well!).

  15. My husband and I didn’t have a great “wedding” photographer and so our pictures aren’t very romantic. That being said, we met in Uptown at Williams (dark and dingy) late at night in December. I’ve wanted to recreate that night, in pictures, for a long time. Dark, dingy, packed bar….

  16. Well Im sure we’ve all seen the funny youtube with the girl who shows us how to make “a ugly woman beautiful” Well I think it would be cool to have a shoot dedicated to over glorify what women go through to beautify themselves. I think that would be really fun with bright bold colors and different women of ages/sizes/races etc. Another idea I had is i love kids in grown up clothes! So thinking up some great scenes of the past 10 years and modeling kids in those scenes. Or, I was thinking something like a ’20’s (or any decade from the ’50s or earlier) theme with a modern twist. Essentially cool outfits. shocked faces and sexy technology! Fun for all!

  17. Wow-Great Ideas! THE BEAUTY AND FREEDOM OF HORSES. Ever since I can remember I’ve wanted and loved horses. I think it would be amazing to have a photo shoot with horses. Hey I could even wear some brown (cowboy) boots that don’t look anything like the ones you want-but I’m keeping the boots in mind. 🙂 I visualize being In some open grassy area for some of the shoots and in a fenced in area for a few. Some shoot ideas: me standing and horses running toward me in the background, me laying on the horses back, walking next to the horse in some tall grass, horse and human laying on ground,, riding the horse, It could even be done with a bunch of girlfriends being cowgirls: all sitting on a fence (horses in background) with cowboy boots. Just a few ideas! I’m willing to try anything. Well, just about anything!

    Love all your pictures Gina-you do amazing work.

  18. Fun idea! I’ve always thought that photos “in the raw” would be cool…meaning typically people get all dolled up for photos…but in this case, you’d take photos of a couple just out of bed on a Saturday morning (in pj’s, slippers, a bowl of cereal, the newspaper) or just after a run or a game of tennis (sweaty, determined, competitive) or in the backyard (dirty, gardening, hanging out laundry) or out on the deck (cocktails, board games, a good book)….the real things that couples do, no makeup, no curling iron, heck maybe even no showers….just the like finding beauty in the real stuff, ya know?

  19. hey Gina, i love that you’re trying to push you’re boundries and not get into the same ol’ swing of things. great ideas so far. as i’ve told you before, my brother’s a photographer as well. a couple presented him an idea that was past his boundries. they were getting married on oct 31st in a cemetary somewhere. granted the right couple would be needed but although it would be kind of creepy you have to acknowledge the true romanticism of it. starting a life together in the same place they’ll spend thier afterlife together. i dunno. you said you wanted outside of the box. i told him it’d be easy, lots of low lighting and shots from below. anyways, thats the most unique idea i’ve heard in this business of yours, thought i’d pass it along.

  20. oh and one more idea i’d personally love. a good old fashioned ’50’s malt shop sock hop. that’s be a blast. hope you find something you like.

  21. My life has become similar to Katherine Heigl’s role in 27 dresses…I have a closet full of expensive bridesmaid dresses, some of which I can wear again and others that are too hideous to even donate to goodwill. I think a fun photo shoot would be to artistically place all the dresses around me, drowning me in a sea of bridesmaid dresses. After that I think it would be so fun to take the ugly dresses and trash them around the twin cities like many brides do in photos with their wedding gowns.

  22. I am going to elaborate on Trents…Funny thing is we both had the same idea but he posted it first. Our thought is a day in the life of an infant, a look at the simple things that we cared about when we were young, the little things that made us smile, laugh, explore, grow and learn. Back when we had no worries or cares in life. When the only thing that mattered to us was sleeping, eating, playing and seeing the people who love us more than anyone can explain. Our other thought was a day in the life of a dog. Very similar ideas, both kind of looking at the simple pleasures in life, a life with no worries or stress and at a slow pace where time really dose not exist or matter. In both those instances you often look at your baby or puppy and wonder what is really going on in their mind.

  23. How about a fitness shoot….everything you can do to stay healthy and happy. I would start out with a gym shot, maybe a spin or pilates class (sweat and all). Followed by an outside “workout” hiking, bootcamp class etc. Finishing with dancing…the ultimate workout 🙂 Now…how to style a workout shoot?!?!

  24. After watching the girl from Clean House trash her wedding dress I want to do that with mine!!! We didn’t have the best “professional” wedding photographer and to have a great one for this, well… would be icing on the cake :cP

  25. Even though I’m not married or engaged , I do have some experience as a photographer. One of my craziest dreams was to take a picture of my brother and sister in law kiss while hanging couple hundred feet above the ground. Yes , this is crazy and dangerous but what’s hurts more than love? If your husband or your beloved one really loves you that much , why won’t he/she be willing to do something out of the ordinary?
    To ensure that you’re going to pick something out of the ordinary. I’m going to give some more suggestions. 🙂
    How about a calm photo of you two sitting on two separate ends of a desk , ( as if you two are playing Battle Ship ) and smile at each other while holding hands.
    If that didn’t work , why not just simply go to the top of a lighthouse and hold hands while looking up at the light , together!
    Okay if those two didn’t work … you have some problems deciding… but I have one more suggestion nonetheless. How about you two playing football?

  26. Hey, Ms. Gina! It may not be the most artistic idea, but my husband and two other couples that we are friends with are participating in the Twins Cities Urban Scavenger Hunt on August 22nd. It would be an afternoon of running around the city searching for different items/locations that we then need to be photographed at as a group. Maybe you would want to be our photographer? I know everyone in the group is fun loving and up for most anything you might want. The only catch is, it is a race to see who can solve the clues first. So this would be a fast-paced romp through mpls that might supply you with some new settings for future shoots, and also a fun oppurtunity to work with a group of fun (and attractive, if I do say so myself) group of people looking to learn more about their city. Which ever idea you pick, I am proud to say that we went to school together, and super proud of you for following your dreams.

  27. Hi! My grandpa has Alzheimers and is really starting to lose his memory. My grandpa loved, loved, loved Minneapolis. They were here from ’50-76, than they moved. He loved his house in SW Msp, Loved Downtown, Lake Harriet, the Creek, Edina country club, etc. I would love to be able to go to his favorite spots and get the beauty of why he loved those spots, so that he could remember them. This would be the best present I could give to him. He is sooo mad and depressed that he his losing his memory. He was such a smart, well known business man here and its sad to see him going. Thanks! Kerry

  28. Beyond anything else, Gina, I am just so happy for you and your company! You are truly doing amazing things.

    As for suggestions…1. I grew up in the city, Adam grew up in the country and now we live in the middle of cornfields. Something that would show the blending of two people from such different places. 2. I don’t know how this would even work…Two years ago we lost our baby midway through the pregnancy. Since I was in the hospital at the time I have pictures of him. But you can’t really hang that on the wall in your living room. I’ve always wanted something to show that we are a family of three, even if one is up in Heaven right now. Sorry for getting sappy, but I really have always wanted a picture like this.

  29. I think it would be cute to photograph each part of Jimmy Buffett’s “If you like pina coladas” song. You know… him reading the paper in bed while she slept, then images of drinking pina colada, getting caught in the rain… all the way up to the part where they meet in the bar and reconnect. 🙂 SUPER cute!!!

  30. Old school roller skating. Get a huge group of people together to crowd that place up for a surprise birthday party. 🙂

  31. My friends and I have always kind of joked about this: you see my boyfriend and i met in the dells. I drove ducks for many summers and he works maintainence. the catch is he works for the other duck/boat company in the dells (betcha didn’t know there were two companies!!?!) so, anyway, there is a point on the tour (dell creek) where both duck companies go through and often “run” into each other. we always thought it would be fun to have him on one duck and me on another and do a photo shoot. then take it a step further and go the upper dells and have him on one jet-boat and me on another and do another round of photos… just an idea.

  32. Hi Gina – I think farm shoot would be really fun. Cute farm clothes. Horseback riding, bunnies, goats, chickens, kittens and an old barn all against the background of green grass, corn fields and big blue sky. I know just the place. That’s my idea.

  33. my 2 ideas are: 1. fancy dressed subject(s) on a playground/jungle gym. especially black & whites. i mostly picture sitting on one of those swinging bridges with legs dangling out or curled up in b&w. the chains and the fancy dress and the gravel… 2. in a mirrored elevator and/or coming out of it and/or what you see when the doors open

  34. i would love to see you capture the joy and love of our family. old fashion cars have brought us all together. it was an old car that dan picked me up in for our first date (high school prom), an old car that our dads bonded over, an old car that drove us away from the church after our wedding ceremony, old cars that brought our daughters out on their first adventures (auriana loves to go to car shows and say “car show…HAPPY”, old cars that continue to bring us all together a few times every summer…i would love to see you capture the love, family memories, and joy that hot rods have brought (and continue to bring) to all of us. it would be amazing to do a photo shoot with all the old vehicles at dan’s parents house, capture the girls enjoying a car show, overall to capture the joy that this hobby brings to us!

  35. I’ve always wanted someone to do this for me and my husband… we met playing the cello in college orchestra, and it’s something we enjoy doing– playing in a community orchestra when our schedule allows, and we love listening to cello music in the car, and hearing dramatic, moving orchestra pieces. I would love to have photos of us with our cellos… black and white, or color photos in the fall time (faded photos though, to show the romance)… wearing of course sweaters, or cozy clothing. That would be during the golden hour… woods or field. Then, we would change and do a camping scene in my parents’ backyard… by a fire (not too dark, though), roast marshmellows, and look like the cutest couple ever. SO, basically the passionate and pensive part of our relationship seen through our connection in music, and then the laughing good time romance we have. 🙂 Because I love the fall… I need fall photos, haha. Our e-session pics were in january(cold) 5 years ago, so we couldn’t do much with our cellos.

  36. I completely forgot to mention my parents’ house is by the MIssissippi… it’s misty there in the morning, so it might be cool to do the camping scene at the end of the day, you would stay over night (inside of course, ha:)), and then we’d start the cello session in the AM, and hope for foggy river scene… or, at least “cozy in blankets, cause we were just camping” with our coffee on the dock, scene, and then get ready for the cello session… or, maybe we did that the previous night.

  37. I absolutely love music. I love how its a universal language, how it passes the boundaries of language and speaks to the heart is ways that sometimes words just can’t. I think it would be amazing to have a photo shoot with my fiance at the symphony orchestra

  38. Gina,
    I am so bummed I missed this opportunity! I would have loved to enter this contest… I guess my idea would be about our little lady, Autumn Jubilee, exploring Autumn! Fall up the northshore (Duluth and beyond) is absolutely stunning. Our Autumn is 9 months now and loves touching grass and pinecones and listening to rushing rivers and waterfalls. My idea would be to take some amazing shots of Autumn and/or our new little family during Autumn in northern MN…

    Probably too late, but still something to think about!


  39. My fiance and I live in small town Missouri and practically live in the outdoors! He works at a sawmill and I have worked at a flooring mill, we hunt, fish, help raise cattle on my grandpa’s farm, hike, go canoeing, and pretty much anything that gets us outdoors! Most of our time in November is spent in a tree stand, and in the summer is holding a fishing pole. We love rifles, 4-wheelers, tractors, big trucks, old trucks… Country life to the fullest! One of my greatest loves (besides my family of course) would be cowgirl boots! I plan on wearing a new pair with my dress in some wedding pictures! Our wedding in May 2012 will be on my grandpas farm. We are looking for a creative way to combine our love for each other with our love for the outdoors. It is beautiful out here and there are many excellent places for photography but we are on a limited budget and that usually means limited quality when it comes to photographers. We want something truly memorable, something worth showing off to the world, something the world wants to see.
    One of our favorite spots around the local area is a place called “Flat Rock Tower” which is a tall lookout tower that give a view higher than the trees.
    My fiance is also really into mixed martial arts and cage fighting. He just reccently fought in his first cage fight.
    I’m really wanting something special to share with my fiance and friends and family that will last a lifetime. Something other than the same old poses and the same old fake-looking smiles… I want something that catches our relationship at it’s best, most natural, and happiest state.
    The area is full of beautiful places just asking for attention from a camera and from a young, newly engaged couple! Help us help you!!!!

  40. Did I mention gravel roads and fireflies? Lots of rivers and hills and old buildings… Hay bales and barbed wire fences… You get the idea!! =)

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