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August 16, 2010
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First of all, I am so grateful for all of your comments on my creativity post. Your creativity and heart-felt ideas were such a treat to read. (Seriously, it was like opening presents reading each of the new comments posted.) There were so many to choose from it was super hard to pick just one. So I am picking three (for now) here are the winning comments in no particular order. Congratulations Jessica, Kerry and Donya! Email me (gina at to get everything set up. Everyone else that commented, thank you again for sharing and look for a special gift in an email from me soon.

Jessica :: Cooking Club What an amazing opportunity, if only I had unlimited Anthro funds;-) I  am part of a local (twin cities) cooking club and while we try and capture the images of the food we create each month we do a very mediocre job and the pics that are actually of the people usually end up in the recycle bin. I have always dreamed of having a full photo shoot of our friends and our food to remember the amazing times that we have all shared together and you would be my first pick for a photog (heck, we’ll even feed you and feed you well!)

Kerry :: Grandfathers Memories Hi! My grandpa has Alzheimers and is really starting to lose his memory. My grandpa loved, loved, loved Minneapolis. They were here from ’50-76, than they moved. He loved his house in SW Msp, Loved Downtown, Lake Harriet, the Creek, Edina country club, etc. I would love to be able to go to his favorite spots and get the beauty of why he loved those spots, so that he could remember them. This would be the best present I could give to him. He is sooo mad and depressed that he his losing his memory. He was such a smart, well known business man here and its sad to see him going. Thanks! Kerry

Donya :: Storm Chasing Well I know this one would be extremely tough, but my husband and I are both meteorologists and we both storm chase. Or I should say, we DID storm chase, before our son was born. This summer storm chasing has been much harder, but once he’s our son is a little older I would love to have photos of us storm chasing as a family. Riding in the car, eating gas station food while we wait for the storms to develop, teaching him to look at weather models and radar, showing him storm structure, and of course, taking photos of the thunderstorms.

Also, wanted to share some more of this adorable maternity session. Lacey who you should recognize from earlier shoots is now carrying her second child. Big Sister Olivia is super excited for her new little sister to arrive. We spent the afternoon letting our hair loose and giggle with paint.

Even though this is blurry, it is pure nummyess and feels just live liv to me. 

4 thoughts on “Sisters + Giveaway

  1. Gina, I read all of the entries too, and I am glad you chose more than one– I couldn’t have chosen just one either! Great choices, and I want to thank everyone for entering, too! It was fun to read the ideas:)

  2. Oh, and btw– really great pics!! Gorgeous mom and daughter… I bet the newest edition will be just as lovely.

  3. Hey Gina,
    I emailed you last week, but I wasn’t sure if you got it or not. Just wanted to thank you for choosing me as one of the winners for the contest!

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