Smells Like Bonfire | Part 1

September 23, 2010
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This styled shoot is a dream I have been holding onto for months now, we are going to make it a two-post series so be sure to come back tomorrow for more. Today, color!  This shoot is a perfect way to kick off my favorite season, Fall!  And the lovely ladies at the Southern Weddings Blog found their warm fuzzies in it too.  Enough to share a snippet from the shoot as their first day of Fall post too!  So grab your warm apple cider and blanket and enjoy.

In early 2010, I was really challenged by many mentors to search for inspiration and create shoots & styles for me.  I love styling and making every part of a shoot mesh. I have been working really hard at putting time into non traditional inspiration searches. From heading up to barnes and noble, design websites, & vintage stores.  You name it, I have been spending time there.

One day I came across this image and my mind started to spin. (Gina’s Brain here) What if I used this same type of treatment on Polaroids in the ashes instead of paper…….. the Polaroids could be of a couple that had a bonfire below…..a beachy, bohemian bonfire….not like the So Cal look though.  Keep it closer to home: a Midwestern feel…plaids. Lots of red….and definitely at sunset on a lake. I threw it together in an inspiration board and pulled warm, Fall colors to focus on.

Then the prop searching starts. I peruse etsy and craigslist first for unique looks.  Then I throw on my favorite dress/ legging combo and head out to local antique and vintage stores to ad lib. My mind immediately goes to my past client and model, Lacey, to be the subject of this shoot.  A quick phone call her way see if she and her cute husband and her would be up for modeling gets a green light and makes my heart flutter. Renee, my go-to makeup artist says she is on board, we secure a location and I score some monster marshmallows and we are set. Along the way my assistant, Leah, picks up an awesome find: Our plaid couch!  And how much? Only $25. It was perfect.

Part II coming tomorrow… hope this finds you feeling Fall-y.

15 thoughts on “Smells Like Bonfire | Part 1

  1. Gina, I am so happy we get to see them finally. It was such a fun day and a wonderful memory I will always have with Jason. Thank you so much for asking us to do this amazing shoot. One day I can tell baby Lylah that I was 6 months pregnant with her when daddy and I did this fun shoot. 😉

  2. What’s beautiful is that you can tell how much effort and thought was put into this shoot, and it turned out soooo beautifully! I absolutely love it! Great job, you should be so proud.

  3. I instantly fell in love with this session and the concept behind it. You did an amazing job pulling it together and the photos look awesome! Keep up the great work!

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