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October 4, 2010
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The day is finally here when I get to share this beautiful shoot. Months ago in May when I found out I was a chosen as a top 20 Cover Shoot finalist (out of 200 some ) I was in shock. Excited, scared, nervous and just wondering how I would make my inspiration board all come to life. I had a strong vision and it was just the matter of making it happen. This is the first time I put together a large production shoot for a magazine. I wanted to style on my own, so with my bestie Lauren (who is also an amazing design nut) to bounce every idea off of we went to town. We worked hard at finding an amazing team and shot in June in Waco, Texas.

Even though we didn’t get the Cover we still were blessed with a two page spread

Model: Liz Kidd. Campbell Agency
Dress: Chaviano Couture. Annette Thurmon
Location : Earle Harrsion House. Kathy Riggs
Make up: Angela Karr  with Faces by Angela
Hair: Philip Sanchez with Salon Wabi Sabi
Flowers & Design: Lauren Kelly
Invitations: Red Organic
Calligraphy: MM Ink

The day of the shoot, Texas greeted me with the best summer heat wave that let me know I definitely wasn’t in the Twin Cities anymore.  We downed water, stayed in the shade and managed to have an absolute blast despite the heat.  I will share some fun behind the scenes images and lots of other great captures from throughout the day a little later but, for today, I wanted to share the swoon-worth spread.  I hope you enjoy jumping into our creation as much as we loved creating it.

These are some of my favorite details.  I wanted to give a clean and polished feel to the overall shoot but know from experience that inspiration needs to come from real life.  I tried to capture summer — and all the wonderful things that come along with it.

Little shout out to our model, Liz Kidd, who graces the table of contents page with her wonderful giggle and up for anything attitude.  She even makes drinking out of a dirty water hose look glamorous.

I also feel blessed to share an ad page with other cover finalists and inspirational photographers in this blossoming industry.

And just to give you a peek into where things started, above is the inspiration board that sparked it all.  Looking at it still makes my heart flutter.  I couldn’t possibly be more proud of what we created or more excited about the feature it was given.  See below for some of my favorite pairings.

Thanks Lara, Emily & Katharine for giving me the opportunity to bring this to life.  I feel so blessed to be in print among some of the most beautiful spreads I have ever seen.

18 thoughts on “We’re In | Southern Weddings V3

  1. love it girl!! i think you totally got the feel of the southern charm for a breakfast wedding!! so lovely and so happy for you!

  2. When i got the mag from Lara, I was excited tp see it, but when i saw you had this kick ass feature there, wow, gina I was really proud of you. Keep pushing yourself as honestly you rocked it, and will continue to do so. keep up the great work and dont be a stranger 🙂

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