I met Leah during a mini session she booked with me in 2009. Her adorable 6-7 month pregnant self was wearing blue (shocking) and beautiful as ever. She attended a rival high-school so we talked about common people we knew, sports we played,  and had no idea at that point that we would become the greatest of friends, shooting partners, spending almost every weekend together. My biggest blessing has been being able to watch Leah & Tony’s family grow. Growth in their numbers, their relationship, photography and most of all their love. I only hope that when Matt and I add on to the Zeidler clan we can have an ounce of what they have.

This family loves. They Love all over each other. It’s infectious. Just listen to them giggling at the beginning of this movie. You’ll get it.

Leah + Tony + Isaac from Gina Zeidler on Vimeo.

  1. kirsten

    i love absolutely every shot. unbelievable work, gina!

  2. Alex

    Wow, Gina. You have gone above and beyond. The video was SPECTACULAR. That family is going to cherish that for the rest of their lives. And the photos? Wow. Incredible. Keep up the fantastic work!

  3. Jenna

    Beautiful…amazing…brilliant! I love every picture! The video brought tears to my eyes!

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