Nerd Love

October 27, 2010
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My passion in my wedding work is to tell a couples story through images. To truly define them. To sit down over coffee, tea or a glass of wine and dig at what makes each of them tick, spark and giggle.  Then plan their engagement session from there. I work hard to create the photos that reflect my clients as a couple, a duo, a pair.

I remember asking Sarah what her and Tim do most of the time, what they enjoy. She replied laughing saying they were boring, and that they just love to sit in their jammies, have some of their favorite snacks and veg out. Her description instantly inspired me, my mind began to run with poses, props, looks, etc. I don’t doubt she thought I was crazy when I told her that we would be weaving their jammies into their engagement shoot. I feel so blessed that my clients, like Sarah & Tim, trust in the artist in me.  So we shot some  parts of their session in sweats, eating candy, having a ticklefest. In my mind, the images are brilliant. I smile every time I see them!  Because these are their moments that define them. So step outside of the box with me and we will create some epic things!

View their full session :: here ::

a lil’ peewee herman action here.absolutely loved these sweet n tender moments in between the laughter….now the ticklefest begins…and hilarious hair pieces….

10 thoughts on “Nerd Love

  1. Gina, these are brilliant! I love the contrast of the neutral background and bright popping colors of the candies. And how you captured all the expressions! LOVE IT. If I ever find a man I am calling you!
    Ps. I also enjoy how you find heart shape everywhere, a subtle reminder of love always.

  2. Gina,
    This is sooooo my favorite one I have seen. I love it. They are so in love, you can tell. Love all of the candy too. 😉

  3. LOVE! I agree with you G…… these are some awesome shots. I love the session. psssttttt…. just in case you haven’t been told yet today, you are incredible 🙂

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