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As is

I want to see your family as is.  Right now, in this moment. I think that is why I love shooting newborns so much, because the crazy of life isn’t present. We shoot in your home – literally relax and capture your days old baby on their time.  Among the gifts, dirty dishes, in between the feedings, the changing and the sobs.

I want to carry this into my family sessions, because it is where I am most creative and what I find most rewarding. Sure, we will dress up with coordinating outfits, and look our best  because those photos hold value.  But my heart & soul goes out to how you spend the majority of your days…..toys scattered, diapers, giggles, bottles, real. I want to capture you living and loving and not worrying about super cleaning or stuffing everything into to drawers before I arrive.

I’m after portraying your family, not merely snapping a “family portrait” You and your little ones, unscripted.  Life in it’s rawest form.

  1. Becky

    what a great post! The most special moments are sometimes the ones that noone is expecting!