Melissa O.

December 21, 2010
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If you haven’t met her, read her tweets, or looked at her work….. you definitely should. This girl tweets make me laugh my face off and I would have to admit I might have spit out a mouthful of pop reading a couple. Here are a couple of recent favorites for your viewing pleasure.

“Husband just gave the attendant the last few gulps of my $7 bottle of airplane wine. If these were medival times, he would be beheaded.”

“Today’s status really should read “drinking on a Monday” but I don’t want anyone to think I have a problem. Just so we’re clear.”

“Really absurdly proud of my color coordinated bookshelves.

Melissa is filled with joy. Every part of her lights up a room. From her impeccable style to adorable laugh and my favorite voicemail message ever, Melissa is amazing. She is launching her new website and brand that is totally her. Go check it out now!

We shot these images for her new launch this fall. Again, M you can make me a playlist and dress me any day of the week. I love you.

I just because your are hilarious. 

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