A bumper sticker with a palm tree and the words No Bad Days.

Maui Love.

Hawaii I miss you more than ever today.

  1. alicia rohan

    so beautiful! Can I go? :)too bad I can’t just tap my heels or wiggle my nose and I am there.

  2. Becky

    Gorgeous shots!! it’s -40(celcius) in Winnipeg today and I can feel the warmth of these pictures! Off to Mexico in 24 sleeps with my hubby…hope I have the energy to do some shooting while i’m on vacay! These definately inspire me to try and make time!

  3. Brit @ Landlocked Bride

    I cannot get over how vibrant the colors are. Ahh, longing for Spring and Summer (although I really do love snow).

  4. Christina Moodie

    I have been sooooo craving a tropical vacation for the past few weeks. These pictures make me want to hop on a plane even more.

  5. Katie

    Even looking at Hawaii Pictures makes me incredibly happy and calm. I miss it dearly… makes you really appreciate the beautiful things in life!

  6. ellie

    i miss you gina too…omg these winters make me really miss hawaii. Can we have a reunion evey year?

  7. Jennifer Brotchie

    I miss Maui and you too.

  8. Anna Kim

    You MUST come back and visit! xoxo

  9. Natalie Norton

    That bumper sticker LITERALLY changed my life.

  10. Kristin Nicole

    I could deal with some Maui right about now!

  11. Noa

    Gina — love these photos. Last time I was in Maui was YEARS ago and you just made me miss it so much! Thanks for the reminder to always make the best of things…. No bad days. ***HUGS ***