Dear Baby Love

February 15, 2011
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Now I don’t usually ever do this. I like all my text at the top of a post, but this time follow along as I tell of the most beautiful story I have had the joy of capturing in a long time. I feel so blessed to have been there with one of my best friends. I love her and her family to pieces. Leah. Thank you. Thank you.

Dear Baby Love,

This grand day all started with a bowl of strawberries & blueberries. Your momma texted me this morning.“Better than Christmas!”

A witty idea that your mom put together. Blueberries means Boy. Strawberries means girl. See below. 

Mommy picked this wonderful little restaurant called the Highland Grill as the spot. Your dad, mom and older brother are so excited. Here the server would take the envelope from the doctor and make either blueberry pancakes or strawberries pancakes. Isn’t your mommy creative?Mom and Dad were still stumped at what you were going to be.Your brother was too….and he was kinda hungry.

While the pancakes were cooking in the kitchen we took some pictures still guessing if you were going to be a boy or  a girl.

Your brother joined in too.

Well, like I said he was hungry and with his newly found words kept saying bllluuueberry. Straaaawbeerry. I bet you will like them too.

Then the time came and the server was coming with THE PANCAKES.

Mommy, Daddy and Isaac closed their eyes tight.

Then they opened their eyes and a burst of tears, laughter and kisses entered the room.

Blueberries means you are a BOY. Two boys in your house. SO exciting. Dad and Mom were overjoyed.

Your brother however, just hungry. I am sure you will understand when you are almost two. Priorities right Isaac?

Look at your parents faces. They love you SO much already and just have beautiful JOY of finding out you are a boy.

And then we celebrated……Which in two photographers minds is taking more pictures.

Ok no more close up shots. Aunt Gina is getting hungry.

Isn’t your momma the most beautiful thing ever?

Calls were made. The Grandpa & Grandma’s are excited to meet you. As well as the ever important Uncle Wee Wee.

You are entering into a family of pure sweetness. A Mom and Dad that loves you to pieces already. Exactly the way you are. Just like they love each other. A big brother who is going to be your partner in crime. There also is a pup and two kitties at home to meet as well.

And this bring us to the end of the story. Baby Love you are an absolute blessing in so many lives already. Keep growing and letting your family nuture you. God loves you.

I’m so excited to meet you Mr. Baby Love. The END.

Ps. Now I know your mom & dad sway toward you playing hockey or soccer, but work on your basketball moves in mommas tummy. Aunt Gina will help you with your skills. 😉

31 thoughts on “Dear Baby Love

  1. Adorable. Adorable. Adorable. I got all teary when the waitress walked up with the blueberry pancakes. Such a wonderful thing to document Gina. You were the perfect one for the job.

    this is so so sweet and beautiful.
    i met Leah over the winter and love her spirit. Not surprised you are friends!
    and…didnt know she was expecting either!

  3. Beautiful. What an amazingly special moment to have captured in photos! I don’t have children yet, but when I do, I think I might just have to “leverage” this concept!!

  4. I am no where near close to pining over motherhood right now, but this post brought me to tears. I hope that when B and I get to this point in the distant future, that we do something fun like this to learn the sex. Love. You caught their joy and excitement so well.

  5. Hi Gina – you don’t know me from Adam but I honestly am sitting here at work with the biggest smile and big huge tears all al the same time for a sweet family and a beautiful love story – especially this week, during the week in which love is cherished and celebrated in so many ways. You captured the feel of this story in your pictures and words – just amazing!
    Congrats to all of you from a stranger in Baltimore 🙂

  6. This is just the cutest photo story – so beautifully shot. I just love how you make the colors pop!! That green is gorgeous!

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