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I yearn to create more of this. Looking through these images from my cover submission editorial for Southern Weddings last issue made my heart jump out of my chest.  Bringing a full vision together is something that is so rewarding for me personally. Not to “style a shoot” just purely to get published, blogged or whatever the sort. Just to create. To plan. To collaborate. From head to toe, start to finish.

This winter I purposefully scheduled a very quiet 3 months in my local market.  I needed to learn how to slow down and not run at 120% all of the time. It has been so utterly worth it. I have learned that I need to continuously infuse my everyday life with the things that fire me up. Concepting & styling a shoot is definitely one of those things. Putting a concept together and seeing it play out like in these images, styling to show an emotion or tell a story for even one image.  Even if I shoot it in my backyard, even if I don’t show anyone else. It doesn’t have to be grand. It just has to be for me. Because infusing me, makes everything I do better.

Bleh. It’s so hard for me to write that without feeling extremely selfish. That is a switch I am working to turn off in my brain. It’s not selfish. Truthfully I believe it’s logical. I am deserving and it will make every part of my life and business better just by taking the time to do things I yearn for. Please excuse me for a moment. (Gina re-read your last sentence every time you start feeling overwhelmed, stressed or incapable. Most likely you are working too hard. And yes that can be a super negative thing. Gina it’s ok to breathe, to say no, to waste time playing. It’s a part of who you are and will only bring out the best you. You are in full control of what you pack into your schedule. Revaluate. Refresh. You can) Seriously most of the time I write here or on the MTH blog is because I need to hear the words myself. I need the advice. I need the kick in the butt. Right now, I need to yearn. To continue to infuse and create and to feel ok about it. So thank you for listening.

What do you need today?

  1. Em

    I needed to hear this. And I needed to write about it. So I did. I love you!

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  3. s h e r r y

    These are AWESOME. And I am getting so hungry looking at those photos…