While looking through these photographs today, I felt a different feel. It was inspired, because while I love my clean bright white images…..these images are speaking to my heart in a totally new and beautiful way. The nature and the seasons right now directly parallel to this family. This family of three who is now soon going to be four. Another little guy to add to the crew, its such a time of growth and change, just like it is here with the grass finally turning green and the trees finally budding. It has been such a long winter and cold spring here in Minnesota. The season and this Momma even resemble themselves as I can barely see her baby bump at 8 months and we can barely see the buds on the trees.

Today I am grateful and thankful that I am able to experience all new types of beauty. Through clients, through nature, through the simple things. Even if it was raining pretty hard for half our session, this mother trusted me and it worked. Perfectly in my opinion. I am so blessed to have clients like these and get to help them celebrate, cherish and remember these important moments.

I would have to say the last image is my favorite in the set. It sums up all of the anticipation and just realness of having the second child. Big brother doodling away, new crib in the back, lil’ shoes and Momma’s belly just in the back hatch of the car. Those are the ordinary moments that define our in this lives. I just hope we all slow down to watch them bud.

Happy budding Monday.

  1. Natalie Norton

    Beautiful images, G. BEAUTIFUL!!!!! I can FEEL the love.

  2. Ashley

    These are amazing Gina! And I agree, I just love that last photo!!!

  3. Amanda Forbes

    Love these! Beautiful!

  4. Samantha Shay

    I love these, your work is so incredibly inspiring. Just visiting your blog, and seeing the world through your eyes, lifts my spirits.