, Newborn

Dear Ezra John

Dear Ezra, I think I need to continue to write you a book. With your gender reveal, in momma’s tummy session and now your birth. We are just going to continue this little conversation and I can’t wait till someday you can read it. So little Ezra, here goes the story. Your momma texted me Sunday morning at 7:42am that she was having contractions. She mentioned they were 10 minutes apart, so me not knowing what the heck that meant, I jumped out of bed and pretty much cleaned my whole house and packed in a matter of 35 minutes waiting till your mom got back to me. Well, soon did I learn that it was just a little alert to tell me things were moving. So I rested and about 4pm I called your mom and asked if I could come up. She agreed and I ventured on up to your house. This is where I am going to let the images take over the story telling..

But first, just a couple of mini notes in case your mom forgets to tell you how awesome she is. Your momma Leah, was absolutely  the most graceful superwoman during your arrival. She worked through every contraction with complete grace and silence, just breathing through. Even almost 5 minutes before you came your momma was smiling and just ready. I couldn’t believe how amazing she was doing as she was totally medication free. Seriously, E. When you get old enough give your momma a fist pump or a big high five, because in a matter of 4 minutes after her water breaking your momma brought you into this world. It was an AMAZING experience to be a part of. I hope some day you can look back at these photographs when you have your own little ones and see the love and just pure joy that was in that room after your first cry.

Alright already, enough of hearing me babble.. take a deep breath and experience these images.

  1. Amanda Forbes

    Gina, this is the most beautiful posts I have ever seen. You have an amazing gift and the photos really do the talking 🙂 Keep working what god gave you 🙂 Your awesome. Welcome to the world baby Ezra, you are oh so handsome 🙂

  2. Jana Neser

    Gina this post made me cry!! What amazingly beautiful photos. You captured all the feelings of childbirth so perfectly! Can you come shoot mine in feb? 🙂

  3. emily hansel

    thanks for making me cry, gina. These are amaaaazing.

  4. Stefanie

    Is it wrong for me to vote so many as favorites?!?! Love them Gina!! Happy Birthday Ezra John!

  5. Lizzie

    Gina: there are no words. Speechless.

  6. Steph

    Gina, you never cease to amaze me…this is stunning. I still have goosebumps and tears in my eyes.

  7. Katie Roith

    Absolutely amazing!

  8. Dana Laymon

    isn’t it the most amazing thing ever? it’s probably my most favorite thing to capture! i have to get myself to stop crying so I can take non-shaky picture. I love it- you did wonderful- the pics are amazing!

  9. Kierstan

    Wow. What a beautiful thing. Leah – you look absolutely beautiful through the entire series of shots. You are such an amazing {and hot!} mama!

  10. Leah

    Hey! That’s my baby, that’s my family and that’s my love splashed all about this page for everyone to feel, because of your ridiculous talent. I treasure these images and our friendship. No one else could have been there for me as you were and daily are! Thank you, continuously, thank you.

  11. Sarah

    Oh my goodness, this is the most beautiful thing that I’ve seen in a long time.

  12. Meredith

    These are absolutely breathtaking Gina! So beautiful, and capture such amazing memories of this day!

  13. Jessica Barker

    You are so amazing, Gina. Fantastic documentation of Leah’s birth and the love leading up to it. I still have tingles. (hugs!)

  14. Andrea Brown

    wow… Just…. wow.

  15. Elizabeth Anne

    Offcially crying. Yep, voted every pic as my favorite! This is beyond beautiful.

  16. rachel

    Leah this looks like you posed for each photo bc up until the very end that is how gorgeous and fresh you look in each and every picture! like you were putting a pretend birth on lol…It hardly looked like you were working at all (And I know you were!!!!). He is beautiful, you are beautiful, the photos are beautiful. As always amazing job Gina

  17. Joy Lengyel

    Wow, Gina. This is amazingly beautiful! Great, great job. These photos are going to be treasured for so many years to come. Really lovely. 🙂

  18. Rahul

    Gina, What a great post and some awsome pictures! You took the belly session to a whole new level and got to witness a child birth up close and personal. Definitely a lot of great photos!

  19. Danica Larsen

    GINA! I am completely amazed at this series. I am speechless and breathless. I LOVE this documentary and what a talent you have a capturing the emotions and telling the store. You Go Girl! God has blessed you with an amazing gift. Love ya!

  20. Tara

    These images are beautiful. You captures the entire process from start to finish. I felt like I was their. Such a blessing to have these images.