Modern Day Superwoman

September 13, 2011
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Miss Grace. This is your momma. A modern day superwoman. No really she is. She changes peoples lives daily with her umpteen businesses and her passion to serve others for God’s glory. Grace I remember when you were just a thought in your mom’s mind. I remember when I tried to get your mom to take a picture in February with her prenatal gummies. She declined, but little did we know that you were in your first days in her tummy.

Grace, your name is so incredibly perfect. Because you are the ultimate culmination of the grace that has happened in your mom’s life in the past year. I have watched her stretch and grow and love more and more than she has ever loved. I have watched her faith in God flourish, her schedule and businesses become more and more clear. You are coming at the perfect time in your parents life. God has ordained this timing through and through and if you come on 11.11.11. That my friend would be amazing. So whenever you get here, KNOW that you are entering into a family of love, security, a family that will protect you and hold you tight. Who will through their example, show you how to make your dreams happen.

Lara, you are a modern day superwoman. You work so hard in every place in your life. You are amazing. I lift you up in prayer times a million with the final touches of Southern Wedding this week, and the Making Brands Happen launches ahead. Grace has the best momma out there.

Grace one more thing. I am secretly wishing that you have freckles and red hair galore. Not only will we get to sing, “she got it from her mama” but I can’t wait for you to model for me, and become B-man’s girlfriend. Love you Gracie. -Aunt Gina 

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