October 7, 2011
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We arrived at this destination wedding a day early, checked in to our house on the property and then wandered over to the campfire where the bridal party was enjoying a beautiful fire on a starry night. I give my Bride & Groom a hug and as my Groom starts to introduce us, he says.

“These are our artists for the wedding weekend”

I stopped dead in my tracks.

Not because I didn’t believe it, or had heard it thrown around before. It was the sincerity and respect as he uttered those words, that made me sit down in my seat and feel so eternally grateful for clients like these. Clients that become friends around a campfire, clients that unabashedly believe in my creativity. I sat around that campfire that night and the next just blessed to know these two and their friends. To spend a night or two falling asleep and waking up to the waves of Lake Superior crashing into the shore, shooting a wedding in bare feet, and be an artist.


2 thoughts on “Artist

  1. Your ring photos get more and more creative every single time – shouldn’t be surprised .. after all, you ARE an artist!!

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