January 10, 2012
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When I hear the word Headshot my mind official goes to remembering my old work badge id or my drivers license.  Something very formal, serious and most of the time terrible corny.

But if we have to use it,  These are what my “headshots” look like. A lot of you being you. Laughing, smirking, and just simple stuff. We usually talk, enjoy each others company and create. Connection is HUGE for me as a photographer (and as a person), real connection. As I make time to get to know you and know what really makes your heart happy . My creativity kicks in and here my work always soars.

That is why one of my favorite times to shoot someone is at the end of our mentoring session.  It’s brilliant. We just have spent hours getting to know each other, learning from each other, and connecting. We are already comfortable and I see you in that light. Not just what cute outfit you are wearing or what props you have, I showcase where your heart is.

For example, this gorgeous girl Kristy. She and her family are doing amazing things. Their life, her images and  her words constantly inspire me.  I started jumping up and down half way through her shoot because I truly could see this beautiful woman and her personality shine. SHINE. shine right through my camera screen. If you get a moment take a peek at her journey.

I have been so utterly blessed to travel this year for “headshot” sessions New York, Washington DC, MassachusettsVegas, Florida and New York again, to and give these women images that are truly them, that grace their about pages. Yea for “non” headshots, and I might pay you in brownies or swedish fish if you come up with a better word!



11 thoughts on ““Headshots”

  1. these are so beautiful!!! I am still so thankful you got to take some shots for me for my new website last feb. to date, they are the most authentically ME shots I’ve ever had, and that is such a precious gift to me. love you!

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