Fall down. Stand Up.

March 16, 2012
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A really short story for you today. (Imagine sitting around a circle with crossed legs and me opening a book and reading in my pretty librarian voice)

Imagine you (an awesome hard worker) are bouncing around and headed towards a new goal. Ambitious. Happy. Ready.

Then you hit your first speed bump and you get whoa whoa whoa wobbly. You fall down. When you hit the ground and you freak out because everyone else is seamlessly jumping around you. (you might even give us all the pouty lip)Then what do you know. You bounce back up and look who made it to their butt. That exact person that you were comparing yourself to. Maybe you can’t even see when they hit trouble, failure, hardship, but they fell down too. 

The moral of the story. EVERYONE falls down. The key is WHO gets back up. Maybe even more important, WHO gets back up with a smile on their face, grit in their teeth and is ready to try again. Don’t just give-in or pout (like I did with last week). Don’t compare your path to theirs. Yours in unique to you, cherish and embrace that.


Remember that kid in you who wants to JUMP some more. Don’t even blush or be embarrassed. Learn to LAUGH, put on your awesome pants and get back up. Maybe even through your hands in the air. 

Fall down seven times, get back UP eight.

The End.

3 thoughts on “Fall down. Stand Up.

  1. Are we going to see more of this dynamic duo? So cute! They are the illustrations for your library voice 🙂

  2. Gina, I love you! This post blessed me, esp this week when I felt like things had fallen apart. I’m stopping the pout fest, moving on, sharing my story next week & dancing til it hurts.

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