Re-Happy New Year

April 9, 2012
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We are exactly a 100 days into the New Year.  You may have set some pretty intense 2012 goals and while the beginning months started off strong, you’re starting to slip. Maybe you are ready to give in and quit.  Maybe you have already given up.

I am here to ask you to change your thinking. What if you got up each day and said HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Who says that you have to start on Jan 1? Who says that there is no point now?

You can decide right now to change your thought pattern. Instead of remembering the places of failure. Remember the goal, the dream, the purpose. Sometimes falling on your face or not accomplishing a goal is part of the journey. So check back in and GIVE YOURSELF another chance.

I also challenge you to reconsider your goals, are they the right ones? Do they still fit? If not cross them off and move on.

If they are still ones you want to accomplish, I want you to write 3-4 action steps below each one. Now an action step should be as simple as…. open the computer or google a phone number. A action step isn’t edit a wedding or redecorate the kitchen. When we don’t break our big to-do’s or goals down we are overwhelmed and intimated about how to get things done.

Most of us have things on our to-do list that seem to hang out there forever. Like going to get an oil change, entering your mileage or going to the dentist. I remember the first time Lara used the oil change example at MTH.

Going to get an oil change 

  1. Pull up your calendar (either on a computer or paper)
  2. Take a peek at your open times & dates (maybe even when you will be in the same area)
  3. Google your oil change companies number
  4. Call
  5. Set an appt
  6. GO

How simple? Yet doesn’t it look like such a BIG thing to us sometimes??

This awesome breakdown that we use in the Making Things Happen Intensive really challenges you to think before you just go do. I have put this to serious work lately and it helps SO much. When I am struggling to find focus. When I am overwhelmed or even non motivated. I pick up one of my awesome little action sheets made by ABD Designs and go! Lately, I have made one in the evening and then laid it on my desk for the next day. This isn’t rocket science people, it just takes a minute to slow down and think.

So what are your goals? Can you get a piece of paper today and think of three action steps underneath each? If you get stuck leave your goal or questions in the comments below and I will help you break them down!  Or share your steps below. I bet we all can help each other out here. For example, if someone posts their action steps to keeping up with their mileage (I am so not good at this), I might just buy them ice cream and do the Macarena….twice.

Seriously people. I am calling a re-do and going to find my Happy New Year Hat and celebrate having a clean slate and new mercies every morning! Don’t just continue to let yourself slip. Know in this very moment that you are completely worth it. You can do this!

PS. If you loved this little exercise and want to learn more? Come grab your seat on the MTH2012 tour, before we sell out again!

5 thoughts on “Re-Happy New Year

  1. Love this, Gina! I’m a big fan of crossing off/changing goals that are no longer relevant to your life. There’s nothing sillier than struggling to complete a goal just for the sake of completing it, if it has no other meaning besides being a goal!

  2. 2012 is our year – thanks for the reminder! Might have to make a “Happy New Day” hat for morning runs 🙂

  3. Oh G, you speak so clearly to my heart – are we twinsies or something? How did you know how desperately I needed this today? 🙂 xoxo.

  4. As usual, Gina you have all the right words! But I also love that my handsome’s husbands hands are the background photo of these inspiring words! 🙂

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